This Guy Created motorbike With a Working Oven Pizza on the Back

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a pizza oven on your motorbike? Well, one inventor did and he decided to make it happen.

Colin Furze is a YouTuber who likes to make crazy and creative inventions.

He was tired of getting cold pizzas delivered to his door and he wanted to find a way to make them hot and fresh.

So he came up with a crazy idea: to turn his motorbike into a pizza oven. He named his invention Pizza Dough-Moto and he documented his whole process on his YouTube channel.

Before he started, he used a a sketch as a inspiration to create the bike.

Building the pizza oven

The first step was to build a custom pizza oven that could fit on his motorbike. Furze had to make sure that the oven was gas-powered, insulated, and able to reach high temperatures.

He used metal sheets, pipes, valves, and a burner to create his own oven.

He also added a thermometer, a handle, and a glass window to monitor the pizzas.

He tested the oven and it worked perfectly. He was able to make a pizza in less than 10 minutes.

Extending the motorbike

The next step was to modify his motorbike to accommodate the oven.

Furze had a Suzuki motorbike that he loved and he didn’t want to cut it in half.

So he came up with another solution: to extend the chassis of the bike by adding two meters of metal bars.

He welded the bars to the frame of the bike and attached the oven to the back.

He also added a support wheel to balance the weight of the oven. He then reconnected the wires and the chain of the bike and took it for a test drive.

He was happy to see that the bike was still functional and stable.

Delivering the pizzas

The final step was to deliver the pizzas to the customers. Furze had a friend who drove the bike while he sat on the back and prepared the pizzas.

He had a cooler with the ingredients and a pizza peel to slide the pizzas in and out of the oven.

He planned to make the pizzas on the way and cook them for five minutes before reaching the destination.

However, he soon realized that it was not as easy as he thought.

He had trouble making the pizza dough round and flat. He tried to use his helmet to flatten it, but it didn’t work. He also tried to toss the dough in the air like a professional, but it ended up flying off the bike.

He managed to make one pizza that looked decent, but it was more like a cheese toast than a pizza.

He decided to give up and hire a professional pizza maker to help him.

He finally had some real pizzas to deliver and he went around the town to surprise some customers.

Some of them were amused and impressed by his invention, while others were confused and sceptical.

Furze had a lot of fun delivering the pizzas and he was glad that they were hot and tasty. He then decided to retire from the pizza business and focus on his next invention.


Colin Furze is a crazy and creative inventor who turned his motorbike into a pizza oven.

He wanted to make hot and fresh pizzas on the go and he succeeded.

He built his own oven, extended his bike, and delivered the pizzas to some customers.

He documented his whole process on his YouTube channel and he got a lot of views and comments.

He showed that anything is possible with some imagination and skills. He also showed that pizza is always a good idea.


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