See How This Man just Built His Bike New Wheels out of Hot Glue Sticks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride a bike with wheels made of glue? Well, wonder no more, because The Q has done it for you.

The Q is a popular YouTube channel that features amazing DIY projects and experiments.

Some of his previous creations include square wheels, wooden wheels, and even ice wheels. But this time, he decided to try something even more unusual: glue wheels.

How He Made the Glue Wheels

The process of making the glue wheels was not very complicated, but it required some patience and creativity.

Here are the steps he followed:

  • He measured the size of the bike rims and used a 3D printer to make molds for the wheels.
  • He trimmed the 3D prints and removed any extra material. Then he fitted the molds around the rims and sprayed them with oil to prevent the glue from sticking.

  • He collected a lot of hot glue sticks and melted them in the oven until they became liquid.
  • He poured the melted glue into the molds and let it cool down and harden.

  • He took off the molds and revealed the glue wheels. He made sure to design the molds with a tread pattern that mimicked real bike tires.
  • He attached the glue wheels to the bike and got ready to test them out.

How He Tested the Glue Wheels

The Q was curious to see how the glue wheels would perform on different surfaces and conditions.

He took his bike for a spin and tried some challenging maneuvers. He did things like:

  • Riding down a flight of stairs and landing smoothly.
  • Riding over a pile of tacks and not getting any punctures.
  • Riding on grass, gravel, and dirt and not losing any traction.

He claimed that the glue wheels gave him more grip and stability than regular rubber wheels. He also said that they were more fun and comfortable to ride.

You can watch the process from beginning to end here!

Embeded Video Link

The Pros and Cons of Glue Wheels

The Q’s experiment was certainly impressive and entertaining, but it also raised some questions. Are glue wheels really better than rubber wheels? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using them?

Here are some possible pros and cons:


  • Glue wheels are cheap and easy to make. You only need a 3D printer, some glue sticks, and some oil.
  • Glue wheels are puncture-proof and airless. You don’t have to worry about flat tires or inflating them.
  • Glue wheels are flexible and adaptable. You can customize them to fit any size and shape of rim. You can also change the tread pattern to suit different terrains.


  • Glue wheels are not very durable or reliable. They may crack, melt, or peel off after some use. They may also lose their shape and balance over time.
  • Glue wheels are not very eco-friendly or safe. They are made of plastic and synthetic materials that are not biodegradable or recyclable. They may also release harmful fumes or chemicals when heated or burned.
  • Glue wheels are not very practical or efficient. They may add extra weight and drag to the bike, reducing its speed and performance. They may also cause more friction and noise than rubber wheels.

The Bottom Line

The Q’s glue wheels project was a fascinating and creative experiment that showed his skills and ingenuity. He managed to make functional and unique wheels out of glue and test them on various scenarios.

He demonstrated that glue wheels have some benefits, such as being puncture-proof and grippy, but also some drawbacks, such as being less durable and eco-friendly.

The Q’s glue wheels may not be the best option for everyday use, but they are definitely a fun and interesting way to spice up your bike.

If you want to try making your own glue wheels, you can watch his video and follow his instructions. But be careful and responsible, and don’t forget to wear a helmet and gloves. Happy riding!.


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