Meet Kelvin, the Ghanaian who built a car from scrap metal

Kelvin Odartei Cruickshank is a young man from Ghana who has a remarkable talent.

He can build cars from scratch using scrap metal. He has no formal education in engineering or any other field, but he has a passion for machines and creativity.

Kelvin’s interest in machines began when he was only 10 years old.

He used to spend hours in his family’s garage, making small robots, toy planes, and vacuum cleaners out of metal scraps he collected from the streets.

He couldn’t afford to buy the parts he needed, so he improvised with what he had.

Kelvin’s hobby soon turned into a bigger challenge. He wanted to build something more complex and impressive: a car.

He started to visit local car shops to learn how cars were made and what components they needed.

He also searched for useful scrap metal in junkyards. He managed to find almost everything he needed for his DIY car, except for the engine.

He had to work several part-time jobs and save his money to buy a motorbike engine. He says he spent less than $3,000 on the car, including the engine.

 Kelsus P1

After five years of hard work, Kelvin finally completed his project. And the result is amazing.

The logo says Kelsus, after the name of the car, which he’s called the Kelsus P1, and has a running horse (look out Mustang and Ferrari).

He built a car that has all the features of a normal car, such as the steering wheel, gearstick, rear-view mirror, and even a radio for music.

He also added some extra features, such as a speedometer, an RPM gauge, and gull-wing doors.

He painted the car bright turquoise blue, decorated the interior with LED lights, and gave it a sporty look with an imitation air intake at the front, a huge wing at the back, and a badge.

He named the car the Kelsus P1, after his own name, and gave it a logo with a running horse (a nod to Mustang and Ferrari).

You can watch the full video of Kelvin and his car here:

[video link]

What’s next for Kelvin?

Kelvin is not satisfied with just building one car. He has bigger dreams and goals.

He wants to use his skills and knowledge to create renewable products for transportation and everyday living.

He told, a website that features unique and futuristic cars, that he has his eyes on renewable projects next.

“My vision is to build a renewable product for transportation and everyday living,”

He said.

Kelvin is an inspiration to many people, especially young Africans, who want to pursue their passions and make a difference in the world.

He proves that with determination, creativity, and hard work, anything is possible.

Watch this space for more updates on Kelvin and his amazing inventions!.


Kelvin Odartei Cruickshank’s journey exemplifies the power of passion, resourcefulness, and determination.

Against all odds, he transformed bits of discarded metal into a fully functional car, showcasing the incredible potential within us when driven by a dream.

As Kelvin sets his sights on renewable projects, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in his inspiring journey.

Watch this space for more ground-breaking innovations from this visionary Ghanaian.


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