How This Guy made a bike with no wheels that Actually works

Remember the ingenious mind behind the square-wheeled bicycle? Well, brace yourselves for another eccentric invention from the same creative genius – The Q, a wacky YouTuber with a knack for crafting bizarre yet functional contraptions.

Beyond Circular and Square: Introducing a Bike With No Wheels

The Q is a YouTuber who makes amazing things. He has made a bike with square wheels before.

But now he has made something even more strange. He has made a bike with no wheels at all.

The Q is very good at making things and he shows how he does it.

He has made the smallest bike in the world and a bike with 60 tennis balls for tires. He has also made a bike with half wheels.

His things are very interesting to watch. They are very different from normal things, but they work.

The Wheel less Bike: Defying Expectations

In his latest venture, The Q presents a bike that challenges the very essence of traditional cycling – a bike without wheels.

Before you dismiss it as not possible, understand that this innovative two-wheeler relies on rotating elements, akin to a tank’s mechanism, to propel itself forward.

The Q’s new thing does not have wheels, but it has something else that makes it move.

The bike has wheel belts that are at weird angles. We have never seen a bike like this.

The wheel less bike features a set of wheel belts, positioned at unconventional angles that defy the norms of bike design.

The bike works like a tank. The wheel belts turn and make the bike go.

As you pedal, these wheel belts rotate, propelling you forward in a manner reminiscent of a tank’s movement.

When you pedal, the wheel belts move and take you forward.

The wheel belts are small and curved, so it is not a fast bike. And you might not want to ride it on rough ground.

Examining the construction, it’s evident that The Q repurposed the frame used in his square-wheel bicycle for this latest creation.

The Q used the same bike frame as his bike with square wheels.

However, he took a departure from conventional wheels, replacing them with linear metal members featuring mounted chains.

Around these chains, he added a rubber tread resembling the wheel belts seen on tanks.

But he took off the wheels and used metal parts with chains on the edge.

He put rubber on the chains, like the wheel belts on tanks.

To make the pedals move the belt, The Q put another gear on the bike frame. The gear connects the pedals to the top of the back ‘wheel’.

To make the pedals engage with the belt, The Q ingeniously added another gear to the bike frame, establishing a connection between the pedals and the top of the rear ‘wheel.’

Securing these wheels at two points ensures their stability and angular positioning as the bike is ridden, creating a quirky yet functional masterpiece.

And to keep the wheels in place, he fixed them at two places. This lets them stay at their angle when the bike is ridden.

Surprisingly, the wheelless bike performs better than anticipated. While it might not break speed records, the ingenuity lies in its ability to smoothly cruise forward.

The small curved radius of the wheel belts might not make it a speed demon, and off-roading on bumpy terrain might not be advisable, but witnessing the wheelless wonder in action is an experience in itself.

And how does the bike ride?

Curious to see how well the wheelless bike rides? The Q’s video (here) provides a captivating showcase of this unconventional creation, proving that sometimes, the most peculiar ideas can lead to remarkably functional results.

It is better than we thought, but you can see it for yourself in the video.


The Q’s wheelless bike stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of creativity.

What initially seems absurd transforms into a functional marvel, reminding us that innovation knows no bounds.

As we pedal into the future, who knows what other eccentric wonders await us, thanks to the unbridled imagination of unconventional creators like The Q.

The Q is a master of DIY. He can make anything with his skills and imagination.

He made a bike with no wheels and it is amazing.

People love his video and want to see more of his things.

He is a true inventor and a fan of bikes.


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