This  man made his own Batmobile car from scratch and it looks awesome

Meet the mastermind behind the jaw-dropping DIY Batmobile that has taken the internet by storm. This creative genius, known as U_Stop, has successfully crafted a Batmobile that’s winning the hearts of Dark Knight enthusiasts worldwide.

The best part? He generously documented the entire mesmerizing build process for fans to witness and appreciate.

The inspiration: A 1970s Corvette Chassis

Much like the iconic original Batmobile, U_Stop’s creation is built upon the sturdy chassis of a 1970s Corvette.

However, what surprised viewers was the revelation that the powerhouse under the hood boasted a modest 320 horsepower – a fact that sparked amusing comparisons, with one viewer cheekily noting that their mother’s minivan packed more punch.

U_Stop DIY Batmobile

The man has now made his own Batmobile and it is amazing. He is a big fan of the Dark Knight and he wanted to have his own version of the iconic car.

He shared the whole process of making the car online.

He used the frame from an old Corvette from the 1970s to make the car.

People were surprised when they found out that the car only had 320 horsepower. One person said that his mom’s small car had more power.

But the car was not about speed. It was about style and coolness. And people loved it.

Overwhelmingly Positive Reactions

Despite the modest horsepower, the reactions to U_Stop’s DIY Batmobile were overwhelmingly positive.

Fans flooded his channel with compliments, expressing awe at his craftsmanship.

Some even took the opportunity to make unique requests, such as one enthusiastic individual inquiring about renting the Batmobile for prom – undoubtedly a grand entrance to remember.

People commented on his online channel and praised his work. They also asked him some questions.

Fans didn’t shy away from dubbing U_Stop a real-life ‘vigilante,’ drawing parallels to Hollywood’s iconic crime-fighting characters.

The admiration for his creation reached new heights, with comments like;

“Can I rent this for my prom night?” one person asked.

That would be a great way to impress your friends and date.

Some people called him a ‘hero’ who could be in a movie.

“That’s awesome”, another person said.

“He thinks he is Michael Keaton”, another person said.

Michael Keaton was the actor who played Batman in the 1989 movie by Tim Burton.

Some people noticed that the man who made the car chose the same design as the one in that movie.

The car in that movie was thinner and had some bat details on it. It had some ‘bat wings’ on the side that looked like they had scales.

This DIY Batmobile was not very quiet, but it was more hidden than the one that another TikToker made.

JBKanal made a different Batmobile. He used the one from The Dark Knight movie as a model.

That one was bigger and looked like a tank.

Both cars were very good copies of the original ones. You have to respect the skill and love that these people put into their projects.

And the craziness, too.

Both U_Stop and JBKanal’s faithful replicas emphasize the extraordinary craftsmanship and passion behind these DIY Batmobile projects.

The dedication to bringing iconic vehicles to life deserves applause, and the online community has certainly recognized the madness, creativity, and skill that went into these awe-inspiring creations.

Making your own Batmobile is not easy, but it is possible. These two men showed that you can make your dream car with some creativity and hard work.

They also showed their love for Batman and his car.

They made many people happy and laugh with their videos.

They are the real fans of the Dark Knight.


In conclusion, the DIY Batmobile crafted by U_Stop has

etched its place in the realm of legendary fan creations. From its humble origins on a 1970s Corvette chassis to the homage to Tim Burton’s classic design, this DIY marvel exemplifies the boundless creativity within the fan community.

As fans continue to express admiration and make unique requests, the DIY Batmobile has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the online automotive and fandom communities.


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