This guy just built a Bicycle With Square wheels: Unbelievable how this bike with square wheels Works

Imagine a bicycle that defies all norms, breaking away from the circular tradition to embrace an extraordinary square-wheel design.

The mastermind behind this innovative creation is none other than The Q, a YouTuber whose eccentric inventions have captivated audiences worldwide.

Crafting the Unconventional

The Q is a YouTuber who makes amazing things. He has made a bike with square wheels and it works.

We posted the video of his bike a few days ago and it got almost six million views.

People are very curious about his bike. It is very different from any other bike.

here is the video.

How did he make it?

The journey begins with The Q meticulously fashioning square frames from large lengths of tube steel.

The Q begins by smoothing and cutting long pieces of tube steel to make the square shapes.

Through the magic of welding and precise cutting, these frames take shape, setting the stage for a truly unique ride.

He joins those pieces with welding and makes holes for the gears with a step drill.

To accommodate the square wheels, The Q employs a step drill to fashion holes for the sprockets, followed by the welding of spokes to the centre hub, turning the bizarre concept into a tangible reality.

He also welds spokes to the middle of the new square wheel.

He has the shape of the wheel, but he needs to make it move.

As the square frames solidify, The Q delves into the mechanics of the bike.

The Q joins two chains to make a small track like a tank.

The track goes around the square shape that he made.

Ingeniously welding two chains together, he crafts a miniature tank-like track.

This track circumnavigates the outer edges of the square frame, deviating from the conventional rotation of an entire frame on a regular wheel.

The result? A one-of-a-kind motion powered by the tracks encircling the frame.

So, the square shape does not turn like a normal wheel. The track turns around the square shape.

Ensuring functionality, The Q strategically screws tire rubber onto the outer surface of the tracks, providing both traction and a visually striking aesthetic.

The Q puts rubber from tires on the track for grip and appearance.

With meticulous care, the square wheels are then attached to the bike, culminating in a creation that challenges the very essence of traditional bicycle design.

He is almost done. He puts the square wheels on his bike and it is ready to try.

The Test Run

The Q gets on the bike and rides it. The bike with square wheels works.

Undeterred by the unconventional design, The Q mounts the square-wheeled bike for its maiden voyage.

It is smooth, but it is not fast like a normal bike. And we think it might be hard to go up a hill.

Despite its success, the square-wheeled wonder proves to be a leisurely ride, lacking the speed of a typical bicycle.

So, is it clever? Yes, it is. But is it useful? You can decide that.

The uphill challenge also looms, hinting at the potential impracticality of this inventive creation.

The Q’s Legacy of DIY.

This square-wheeled bicycle is merely the latest addition to The Q’s repertoire of epic creations.

The bike with square wheels is one of the many cool things that The Q has made.

He also made a bike with a wheel cut in half (which inspired this bike with a split wheel) and a bike with saw blades instead of wheels for riding on ice.


The Q is a master of DIY. He can make anything with his skills and imagination.

He made a bike with square wheels and it is amazing.

People love his video and want to see more of his creations.

The Q continues to push boundaries, offering a fresh perspective on what a bicycle can be. While the square-wheeled wonder might not be the epitome of practicality, its triumph lies in challenging conventional norms and sparking the imagination of those who witness this daring creation.

The journey of reinventing the wheel, or in this case, the square, is a testament to human creativity that knows no bounds.

He is a true inventor and a fan of bikes.


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