How This Couple Turned a Truck into a Dreamy Camper Van with a Balcony

Have you ever dreamed of living in a camper van and traveling the world? Well, this couple from Germany did more than just dream.

They actually built their own camper van from scratch using a truck and a trailer. And the result is amazing!

The Tiny Truck Camper Project

Manuela and Waldi Peters are a couple who love cars and adventure.

They wanted to create their own camper van that would suit their needs and style. They named their project the Tiny Truck Camper.

They started with a MAN TGX truck, which is a large and powerful vehicle. Before they modified it, the truck only had a simple single mattress behind the driver’s seat.

That was not enough for them. They wanted to have a comfortable and cosy living space.

They also needed a trailer to attach to the truck. But they could not find one that was the right size for them.

So they bought a 7.5m long trailer and cut it down to 3m. That way, they could fit everything they wanted inside.

The Amazing Transformation

The couple worked hard to transform the truck and the trailer into their dream camper van.

They used their creativity and skills to make the space beautiful and functional.

They also got some help from IKEA, the favorite store of many DIY lovers.

Here are some of the features that they added to their camper van:

1. A Balcony

One of the most unique and impressive additions to their camper van was a balcony.

They added a deck to the back of the trailer, which gave them an extra 3m² of floor space. That is a lot of space for a camper van!

The balcony is a great place to relax and enjoy the view. They can also use it to store some of their belongings, such as bikes and chairs.

The balcony has a railing and a ladder for safety and convenience.

2. A Cushioned Bench

The couple also changed the seating arrangement in the main area of the camper van.

They replaced the standard chairs with a cushioned bench that runs along the wall. The bench is more comfortable and spacious than the chairs.

It also has storage space underneath.

The bench can also be used as a sofa or a bed. The couple can sit on it and watch TV, which is mounted on the opposite wall. Or they can lie down on it and take a nap.

3. A Counter Cabinet

Another feature that the couple added to the main area was a counter cabinet.

They used IKEA products to make a modern and sleek cabinet that runs along the other wall.

The cabinet has a sink, a stove, and a fridge. It also has drawers and shelves for storing utensils, dishes, and food.

The counter cabinet is where the couple cook their meals.

They have a window above the sink that lets in natural light and fresh air.

They also have a view of the beautiful scenery outside, wherever they park their camper van.

4. An Electric Lift Bed

The couple also made their own bed for their camper van.

They used a slatted base and a double mattress to make a comfortable and cosy bed.

The bed is on an electric lift, which means that it can move up and down with the push of a button.

When the bed is not in use, it is lifted up to the ceiling, creating more space in the main area.

When the couple want to sleep, they lower the bed until it rests on top of the counter cabinet.

The bed has curtains for privacy and a skylight for ventilation.

5. A Tiled Bathroom

But perhaps the most amazing feature of their camper van is their bathroom.

The bathroom is tiny, but it is fully equipped and stylish. The couple tiled the walls and the floor of the bathroom and installed chic modern fittings.

The bathroom has a water heating system and a rain showerhead, which make the shower experience very pleasant. The bathroom also has a sink, a mirror, and a shelf for toiletries.

But where is the toilet, you may ask?

The toilet is hidden under the sink, in a drawer. The couple pull out the drawer when they need to use the toilet, and push it back in when they are done.

The toilet is connected to a sewage system, but we are not sure how it works. It is a very clever design, though.

The video.

The Road Trip Adventures

The couple have been enjoying their camper van a lot. They have been traveling around Germany and other countries, such as the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

They have seen many beautiful places and met many friendly people.

The best part of their camper van is that it fits perfectly in a regular parking spot.

That means that they can park anywhere they want, without any hassle.

They can also drive on any road, since their camper van is not too big or heavy.


Manuela and Waldi Peters are a couple who love cars and adventure. They built their own camper van from scratch using a truck and a trailer.

They added many features to their camper van, such as a balcony, an electric lift bed, and a tiled bathroom. They named their project the Tiny Truck Camper.

Their camper van is a dream come true for them. They can live in it and travel the world in comfort and style.

They have seen many amazing things and had many fun experiences.

They are an inspiration for anyone who wants to follow their passion and create something unique.


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