How These guys Turned a Hummer to a boat in 5 Easy Steps and the Outcome is Astonishing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive Hummer on water? Well, these guys did and they made it happen.

Ryan Iwerks from CboysTV had a 2005 Hummer that he couldn’t sell. He bought it last winter to show his friends that it was not a bad car, but he soon realized that it was not worth keeping.

“I was stuck with this Hummer and I didn’t know what to do with it,”

Ryan said,

“So I thought, why not make it into a boat?”

Ryan added.

That’s right, Ryan and his friends decided to transform their Hummer into a boat.

And they did it in a very simple way.

Full Video Here:

Step 1: Get some pontoons

The first thing they needed was some pontoons to keep the Hummer afloat.

Pontoons are long, hollow tubes that are filled with air or foam. They are used to support boats and other floating structures.

“The Hummer is very heavy, it weighs 8,500 pounds, so we needed a lot of pontoons to hold it up,”

they said.

They found some pontoons online that could support about 3,500 pounds each. They ordered four of them, two for each side of the Hummer.

Step 2: Attach the pontoons to the Hummer

The next step was to attach the pontoons to the Hummer. They used some metal brackets and bolts to secure them to the frame of the car.

They also made sure that the pontoons were not touching the ground, but were about six inches above it.

This way, the Hummer could still drive on land without dragging the pontoons.

They wanted to make the Hummer amphibious, meaning that it could move on both land and water.

Step 3: Add a motor to the back

The third step was to add a motor to the back of the Hummer. They needed a motor to propel the Hummer on water, since the wheels would not work.

They found a 115-horsepower Tiller motor that was suitable for their project. They welded it to the rear bumper of the Hummer and connected it to a fuel tank.

They also added a steering wheel to the back seat, so that one of them could control the motor while the other one drove the Hummer.

Step 4: Test the Hummer boat on land

The fourth step was to test the Hummer boat on land. They wanted to make sure that everything was working properly before they hit the water.

They drove the Hummer around their yard and checked the pontoons, the motor, and the steering. Everything seemed to be fine, except for one thing: the Hummer boat was huge.

With the pontoons and the motor, the Hummer boat measured 17 feet wide. That’s wider than a standard lane on a road.

They realized that they would have a hard time finding a place to launch their Hummer boat.

Step 5: Launch the Hummer boat on water

The final step was to launch the Hummer boat on water.

They found a lake nearby that had a wide enough ramp for their Hummer boat.

They drove the Hummer onto the ramp and slowly entered the water.

They were nervous and excited at the same time. They didn’t know if the Hummer boat would float or sink.

To their surprise, the Hummer boat floated. And it worked.

They were able to drive the Hummer on water, using the motor and the steering wheel. They were amazed by their creation.

“It’s working, I can’t believe this is happening right now,”

they said

“I can’t tell you how wrong it feels to look over a hood and just see water, it’s like a nightmare, you feel like you’re going to drown.”

they said

They had a lot of fun with their Hummer boat. They cruised around the lake, waving at other boaters and fishermen.

They even tried to do some tricks and jumps with the Hummer boat.

However, they also discovered some limitations of their Hummer boat.

First of all, it was very slow. The Hummer boat could only reach a top speed of about 10 mph. That’s slower than a bicycle.

“It’s not made for speed, it’s made for pleasure,” “Hummers are not very aerodynamic and they are not very water dynamic either, this thing cuts through the water like a brick.”

they said.

Secondly, it was very loud. The Hummer boat made a lot of noise, both from the engine and the motor. It was not very relaxing or peaceful.

“It’s like driving a jet ski, but louder and slower,” they said. “Everyone can hear us coming from a mile away.”

they said.

Thirdly, it was very expensive. The Hummer boat cost them a lot of money, both to build and to maintain.

They had to buy the pontoons, the motor, the fuel, and the parts. They also had to pay for the registration, the insurance, and the storage of the Hummer boat.

“It’s not a cheap hobby, that’s for sure,” “We spent more money on this than we would have if we sold the Hummer.”

They said


Despite the drawbacks, the DIY Hummer boat was a crazy success. Ryan and his friends proved that they could turn their Hummer into a boat and make it work.

They had a blast with their Hummer boat and they were proud of their achievement.

They also inspired other people to try their own DIY projects. They showed that anything is possible with some creativity and some courage.

“If the Hummer can do it, any vehicle can,” they said.

And they’re probably right.

Make sure you check out the full vid!


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