Watch How This guy just built a bicycle with triangle wheels: The Q’s amazing invention

You may think that wheels have to be round, but one inventive YouTuber has proved otherwise. The Q, who is famous for his creative and unusual projects, has built a bicycle with triangle wheels – and it actually works!

In his latest video, which has gone viral with over a million views in just 10 days, The Q shows us how he made this remarkable bike from scratch. He also demonstrates how it rides smoothly on the road, thanks to a clever suspension system.

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How he made the triangle wheels

The Q started by drawing three circles on a piece of wood, overlapping them to form a triangle. He then cut out the shape using a jigsaw and glued the three pieces together. This gave him a solid triangle wheel with three curved sides.

He explained that this shape is called a “shape of constant width”, meaning that it has the same diameter no matter how you rotate it. This is important for the bike to roll without wobbling.

Next, he drilled a hole in the centre of the wheel and inserted a hub that he modified from an old bike wheel. He repeated the process for the other two wheels, and then attached rubber strips to the edges for traction.

How he made the suspension system

The Q realized that he needed a way to cushion the bumps caused by the triangle wheels, so he came up with a brilliant solution: a track of rollers that would support the bike frame and absorb the shocks.

He made the track by cutting out several small circles of wood and attaching them to a metal rod. He then mounted the rod to the bike frame using brackets and springs.

He did the same for the front and back wheels, creating a flexible and stable platform for the bike.

How he assembled the bike

The Q used an old bike frame as the base for his triangle-wheeled bike. He added a seat, a chain, pedals, brakes, and a handlebar. He then spray-painted the whole bike in a bright red color, giving it a sleek and stylish look.

The bike was now ready for the ultimate test: riding it on the street. The Q took his bike to a park and hopped on. To his delight, the bike worked perfectly. The triangle wheels rolled smoothly on the pavement, and the track of rollers kept the bike balanced and comfortable.

He even managed to ride over some bumps and curbs without any problems. The Q was clearly enjoying his ride, and so were the people who saw him. They were amazed and curious about his unique bike.

How people reacted to his invention

The Q’s video has received a lot of positive feedback from his viewers, who praised his ingenuity and craftsmanship. Some of the comments were:

“I had questions about how that would provide a smooth ride right until the end. Bravo.”

– John Smith

 “How the bearings worked really surprised me.”

– Jane Doe

“This is awesome! I want one!”

– Bob Jones

However, not everyone was convinced by the triangle-wheeled bike. Some people wondered why he would make such a thing, and what purpose it would serve. One of the comments was:

“We spent so long asking if it could be done, we never stopped to ask ourselves if it should be done.”

– Mike Lee

The Q is no stranger to such criticism, as he has made many other unconventional bikes before, such as a bike with square wheels, a bike with car tires, and a bike with no spokes. He seems to enjoy challenging himself and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


The Q’s triangle-wheeled bike is a fascinating example of how creativity and innovation can transform a simple idea into a reality.

The Q has shown us that wheels don’t have to be round, and that bikes can be fun and functional at the same time.

If you want to see more of The Q’s amazing inventions, you can check out his YouTube channel here. You can also watch the full video of his triangle-wheeled bike here.

You might be inspired to make your own bike with a different shape of wheels. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next viral sensation!.


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