How This Dad Made DIY DeLorean for His Kids’ During Halloween

This dad went above and beyond for his kids this Halloween.

He decided to make them a custom-made DeLorean so they could dress up as Doc and Morty from the iconic movie Back To The Future.

He wanted to recreate the magic of the film and give his kids an unforgettable experience.

He recorded the whole journey of making the DeLorean on his YouTube channel, Dude Dad, and it’s a must-see.

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The Process

He started by finding an old Power Wheels toy car that he could use as the base for the DeLorean.

He stripped it down to the bare bones, leaving only the chassis and the wheels.

He then sketched out the design of the DeLorean on paper, and began cutting out pieces of wood to form the shape of the car.

He soon realized that the wood was too heavy for the chassis, and it would slow down the car.

He decided to drill holes in the wood to make it lighter and more aerodynamic.

He then assembled the wooden pieces together, and sprayed them with black paint.

He attached the wooden frame to the chassis, and put the wheels back on.

He then tested the electronics to make sure the car could still run.

He was happy to see that it worked, and he let one of his kids try it out.

He then continued to work on the details of the car, such as adding doors that could lift up, and painting the car silver.

He used a hand sander to smooth out the wood and give it a realistic look, similar to the original’s metal panels.

He then installed a motor speed control to adjust the power of the fake flux capacitor, the device that makes time travel possible in the movie.

The final touch was to add some lights to the car, to make it look more futuristic and cool.

The Result

The DeLorean was finally ready to hit the streets.

But Dude Dad didn’t stop there.

He wanted to make a movie out of his project, and show off his amazing creation.

He filmed his kids in their costumes, driving the DeLorean around the neighbourhood, and having a blast.

He edited the footage with some music and special effects, and made a mini-movie that captured the spirit of Back To The Future.

His kids loved it, and so did the internet.

The video went viral, and people praised Dude Dad for his creativity and dedication.


This dad showed us what it means to be a great parent.

He used his skills and imagination to make his kids’ Halloween dreams come true.

He made them a DIY DeLorean that looked like the real thing, and let them have fun with it.

He also made a movie out of it, and shared it with the world.

He proved that anything is possible with some wood, some paint, and some love.

He inspired us to be more adventurous and playful, and to make our own memories with our loved ones.

He is truly a Dude Dad.


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