Inside a Floating City in China with Streets under the sea

What is Floating City and why was it designed?

Imagine living in a city that floats on the water, away from the noise and pollution of the land. A city that has everything you need, from farms to hotels, from highways to parks.

A city that looks like a giant honeycomb, with hexagonal pods connected by bridges.

That is the vision of Floating City, a project designed by a Chinese company called AT Design Offices. They want to create a place that is peaceful and sustainable, where people can enjoy the beauty of nature and the sea.

Floating City is not just a fantasy. It is based on real technology and engineering. It is also inspired by other floating cities that are being built or planned around the world.

For example, South Korea is working on a floating city that will have 100,000 residents by 2025. And Dubai is making a floating version of Venice, with underwater rooms and canals.

Floating City is meant to be located in the Greater Bay Area, a region that connects Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. It will be a tourist attraction and a residential area for a small community.

How will Floating City be built and what will it look like?

Floating City will be made of concrete, but not the usual kind. It will be made of special concrete parts that are shaped like hexagons. These parts will be produced on land and then moved to the sea, where they will be joined together.

Floating City will be very big. It will be 492 feet long and 98 feet wide. It will look like a futuristic hive, with different pods for different purposes.

One of the pods will be a cruise port, where large ships can dock and visit the city. Another pod will be a marina, where smaller boats can park and access the city.

The city will have two main industries: entertainment and agriculture. One of the pods will have a hotel and a performance arena, where tourists can stay and watch shows. Another pod will have farms and hatcheries, where food and animals can be grown and raised.

The city will also have two public green belts, one above the water and one below. The upper green belt will be a place for residents to exercise and breathe fresh air. The lower green belt will be a place for residents to swim and explore the underwater world in small submarines.

When will Floating City be ready and what will it mean for the future?

Floating City is still a concept, and it is not clear when or if it will be built. But it is a very ambitious and innovative idea, and it shows what the future of living on the water could look like.

Floating City is not only a solution for overcrowding and pollution on land, but also a way to adapt to climate change and rising sea levels. As the shorelines disappear, more and more people will need to find new ways to live on the water.


Floating City is one of the examples of how humans can use technology and creativity to make the best of a challenging situation.

It is also a way to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature and the sea.


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