Creating HTML & CSS Website Templates From Scratch Step-by-Step Tutorial & Roadmap

Let’s explore web design, where the blank canvas of your browser window is waiting to be transformed into a digital masterpiece. This tutorial is your comprehensive guide to creating a website template from scratch using HTML and CSS.

Whether you’re a budding designer or a seasoned developer looking to refresh your skills, this roadmap will lead you to create visually stunning and functionally robust website templates.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the fundamental elements for crafting and shaping the framework of any webpage or website. They enable the creation of engaging user interfaces through a range of CSS properties.

This article offers a collection of the best HTML & CSS template-based projects that will help you hone your basic frontend abilities, essentially enhancing your understanding of HTML & CSS. The projects include building webpage templates, components, animated features, mini-games, and more.

Tutorial & Roadmap Overview

¡》The Building Blocks of the Web:

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the foundational pillars of web design. HTML provides the structure, while CSS adds style. Together, they form the dynamic duo that brings the internet to life.

¡¡》Setting the Stage:

Before we dive into code, let’s set up our workspace. You’ll need a text editor and a modern browser. We recommend using tools like Visual Studio Code and Google Chrome for their developer-friendly features.

¡¡》HTML: The Skeleton of Your Site:

We begin with HTML, crafting the skeleton of our website. You’ll learn how to use tags to create headers, paragraphs, links, images, and more. We’ll also explore the semantic web, ensuring our template is accessible and SEO-friendly.

¡V》CSS: Dressing Up Your HTML:

With our HTML structure in place, it’s time to style it with CSS. You’ll discover how to use selectors, properties, and values to create a unique look and feel. We’ll cover layout techniques, responsive design, and animation to make your template stand out.

V》Responsive Design:

A great website template looks good on any device. We’ll delve into media queries and flexbox to ensure your design is as flexible as it is beautiful, providing an optimal experience for all users.

Complete Tutorial & Roadmap

1. General Animations

1Animated Bar Template
2Dot Loading Animation Template
3Ghost Text Animation Template
4Create a shock wave or explosion effect
5Create an X and Y-axis flip animation
6Design a Rotating card effect Template
7Create a Floating Box Effect
8Create a Liquid-Filling Effect on Text
9Create an Animated Loader Ring
10Design a running car animation
11Animation ideas for web pages
12Create an Animated Side Navbar
13Create an Effect of Particle Animation
14Create a Snowfall Animation Effect
15Create a rotating shape loader animation
16Create a button hover animation effect
17Design a Fade balls loader Animation
18Create a Shimmer Effect
19Design a Carousel Column Expansion Animation Effect
20Create a morph spinner animation
21Create an animated gradient background smoothly
22Create an Animate Details Element
23Create an animated pill-shaped button
24Create a Letter-Spacing Animation Effect
25Create a Shooting Star Animation Effect
26Create an Animate Rainbow Heart from a Square
27Create an Animated Table
28Create an Image Hovered Detail
29Create an Animated Search Box
30Gooey Balls Animation Template
31Create a Loading Blur Text Animation Effect

2. Button Effects

1Create a Shaky button
2Create a button with stitched border
3Create a shiny button
4Rubber Band Text Animation Template
5Create a Dancing Keys Effect
6Create a Shake a Button on Hover
7Create an animated pill-shaped button
8Create a dark theme using Slider
9Create a Toggle Switch Template
10Create a Transparent button Template

3. Text Effects

1Create a rotate a text 360 degrees on hover
2Create a Multilayered Text Effect
3Create a Shrink Text on Hover
4Create a Text Reveal Effect for Buttons
5Create a Gradient Text Effect Template
6Create a rotate a text 360 degrees on hover
7Create a Text Color Animation
8Create an Engraved Text Effect
9Create a Typewriter Animation
10Create a Cutout Text
11Create a long shadow of text without using text-shadow
12Create a Breadcrumbs Template
13Create a Typewriter Animation
14Create a Sliding Text Reveal Animation
15Create a spin text on mouse hover

4. Image Effects

1Create an Image Folding Effect Template
2Create an Image Stack Illusion Template
3Create a Spotlight Effect Template
4Create a Drop-fill color to change the image color
5Create an Apply Glowing Effect to the Image
6Design a Frosted Glass Effect Template
7Neumorphism Effect Template
8Create custom arrows for your website
9Create a place text on image
10Create an Image Overlay Icon
11Create a Profile Card Hover Effect
12Create a paper corner fold effect on hover

5. Background Effects

1Create a Chess pattern background
2Create a Gradient Background Animation Template
3Create a Galaxy Background Template
4Create a Fireflie background Template
5Create a Neumorphism Effect Template
6Create an Effect to Change Button Color
7Create an Amazing Hover Effect over the Button
8Create a photo sliding effect
9Create a Non-Rectangular Header
10Create a Wave Image for a Background
11Create a Skewed Background with a hover effect
12Create an Add Image in Text Background
13Create a Neon Light Button Template

6. Navigation and Menu

1Sidebar Menu With Tooltips
2Create a Vertical Navigation Bar
3Create an Animated Navigation Bar with a Hover Effect
4Create horizontal scrollable sections
5Create a Horizontal Navigation Bar Template
6Create a vertical wavy text line
7Create a Navigation Bar with three Different Alignments
8Design a Webpage Template
9Design a modern sidebar menu
10Facebook Homepage Template

7. Form and Input

1Create a Color of Progress Bar
2Create a Custom Radio Button Template

8. Webpage Templates

1Design a Parallax Webpage Template
2Technical Documentation Webpage Template
3Design an Event Webpage Template
4Create a Designing a Working Table Fan
5Create a Bootcamp Website Template
6Design a Tribute Page Template
7Create a Build a Survey Form
8Design a Calendar Template
9Design an About Us Page Template
10Design a Contact Us Page Template
11Design a webpage for an online food delivery system
12Create a 3D Flip button Template
13Create an Indian Flag Template
14Create a Pagination Template
15Create a Responsive Profile Card Template
16Create an Image Accordion Template
17Create a GeeksforGeeks logo Template
18Create a Circular Progress Bar Template
19Create a LinkedIn Login Form Template
20Design a Transparent login/Sign Up webpage
21Facebook WOW emoji Template
22Create a Breadcrumbs Template

9. Miscellaneous

1Create a Responsive Card with a hover effect
2Create a Windows loading effect
3Create three boxes in the same div
4Create a glass/blur effect overlay
5Create a working slider
6Align a logo image to center of navigation bar
7Create a Pricing Table
8Create a Happy Independence Day 2022 | National Flag Design
9Create a Vertical Menu

If you Prefer a course,

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You’ve journeyed from the basics to the finer points of web template creation. With your new skills, you’re ready to tackle your own projects and carve out your niche in the digital landscape. Remember, every great website begins with a single line of code, and now, you have the knowledge to write it.


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