How This Guy Turned a Lawn Mower into a Speedy Drift Machine

Do you have an old lawn mower lying around that you don’t use anymore?

Do you want to turn it into a fun and fast go-kart that can drift like a pro? If you answered yes to both questions, then you might want to check out this amazing project by a man who did just that.

Meet Dave and Jake, the Go-Kart Enthusiasts

Dave and Jake are two buddies from Michigan who share a passion for building and riding custom-made go-karts.

They often post their creations online for others to see and admire.

One of their most popular projects was when Dave transformed a classic John Deere lawn mower into a sleek and powerful racer that can hit speeds of 41mph.

How Dave Made His John Deere Go-Kart

Dave got the lawn mower from Jake, who had no use for it anymore.

Dave decided to give it a new life as a go-kart, and started by replacing the original engine with a 15-hp Briggs and Stratton engine.

This gave the mower a lot more power and speed than before.

Next, Dave lowered the hood of the mower and flipped the wheels to make it look more like a go-kart.

He also did some welding work to secure the parts together, although he admits that his welding skills are “not the best but it works.”

Dave paid more attention to the appearance of the mower, and made sure to keep the iconic green color and the yellow seat.

He also added a pool ball as the head of the clutch, giving it a cool and quirky touch.

Here is the full video.

Instagram embeded.

Dave’s Plans for the Future

Dave has been enjoying his John Deere go-kart for two years now, and it has been running smoothly with only a few belt changes.

However, he is not satisfied with the current performance of the kart, and he wants to make it even better.

The biggest complaint I have is how heavy the frame is: this thing is an absolute tank,” he said. “While it might be nice to rebuild the frame and make it lighter I probably won’t do that until I get a bigger engine,”

Dave added

Dave’s dream is to get a 30-hp engine for his go-kart, which would make it twice as fast and furious as it is now.

Dave’s Advice for Aspiring Go-Kart Builders

Dave loves building and riding go-karts, and he encourages others to try it too. He has some advice for anyone who wants to start their own go-kart project.

“First you need the means for maintenance and to work on your project,” he said. “You need tools, parts, and a place to store your go-kart.”


“Second, you need a place to ride it,” he explained. “You need a safe and legal area where you can have fun with your go-kart without bothering anyone or getting in trouble.”

Dave added

Dave and Jake’s Other Go-Kart Projects

Dave and Jake have not stopped at the John Deere go-kart. They have also made other go-karts from different lawn mowers, such as a Simplicity lawn mower that they turned into a real-life Mario Kart vehicle.

They have a collection of go-karts that they can choose from depending on their mood and preference.

They often take their go-karts out for a spin around their backyard or their neighbourhood, and they have a blast drifting and racing with each other.

And in case you were wondering, no they don’t still cut grass with their lawn mowers.


Dave and Jake are two go-kart enthusiasts who have turned their hobby into an art form.

They have shown that with some creativity, skill, and passion, you can turn a lawn mower into a speedy drift machine.

If you are inspired by their story and want to try it yourself, make sure you have the means, the place, and the safety precautions to do so. And don’t forget to have fun!


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