This man made the Smallest bike in the world: Attempting to Ride the Most Difficult Bicycle

Some people are very good at making things with their own hands. They use their creativity and skills to create awesome things that no one else has.

One of these people is The Q. He is a YouTube star who makes videos of his incredible inventions.

He has made many different kinds of bikes that look very strange. He has made a bike with square wheels, a bike with wheels made of glue, and even a bike with no wheels at all. But they all work very well.

Usually, he makes bikes that are normal-sized. But today, he is doing something different. He is making the smallest bike in the world.

He started with two small wheels from roller skates

You might think that to make a small bike, you would need some special kind of wheels that are made for small things. But no, The Q just used two small wheels that you can find in roller skates. They are 72mm in diameter. He put two bearings in one of the wheels. This will be the front wheel of the bike.

The Q then made a gear for the back wheel. He did this by putting a bearing on top of the gear and putting a brass screw through the middle. He welded the bearing and the gear together, so they would turn at the same time. He used a grinder to make the welds smooth.

Constructing the Frame and Forks

Now he had the wheels ready. The Q then drew a design for the smallest bike in the world on a piece of paper.

He checked that everything was the right size and fit together well.

He put pieces of pipe on top of the design. These will be used to make the frame of the bike.

He welded the pieces of pipe together and put the back wheel on the frame.

Next, The Q had to make forks for the front wheel. He did this by using a grinder to cut many V-shaped notches out of a metal rod.

Then he did something very smart and cool to watch.

He held the metal rod in a clamp. He slid a piece of metal pipe over the rod.

He bent the V-shaped notches one by one until the metal rod looked like the front fork of the bike.

To put the front wheel on the fork, he had to drill a hole through the fork for the hub to go through.

Handlebars and Finishing Touches

His next job was to make a set of handlebars for the smallest bike in the world.

He made these from solid metal and bent them into shape. He sanded them to make them smooth.

After filing and sanding the frame of the bike, he sprayed it bright yellow. The seat, handlebars, crankset and pedals were sprayed black.

When the paint was dry, The Q put all the parts together and tested the chain. It worked well.

The last thing he did was to put some stickers on the bike that said ‘Big Boy’. This was funny because the bike was so small.

The Test Ride and Final Thoughts

He was ready to ride the bike. He got on the bike and rode it around. It was amazing. The bike was very strong and could hold a person up to 100kg.

But The Q said it was not very comfortable. And he got a lot of attention from people who saw him riding it.

We would not try to do any tricks on this bike, Q.

You can see how he made the bike and how he rode it here!


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