A funny video of a Homemade Tesla Cybertruck on the road makes many people laugh online

A recent Twitter ( X ) video is causing quite a stir as it showcases a homemade version of the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck cruising down the highway.

The makeshift vehicle, crafted with a cardboard cut-out to mimic the iconic electric pickup, is a testament to the creativity of eager fans who couldn’t wait any longer for the real deal.

The Long Wait for the Cybertruck

With the prolonged wait for the official Cybertruck, enthusiasts have taken matters into their own hands, resulting in this amusing interpretation.

The video not only entertains but also highlights the anticipation surrounding Tesla’s much-talked-about electric vehicle.

Internet Humour Takes the Wheel

As expected, the internet wasted no time seizing the opportunity to inject humour into the situation.

Someone posted a video on Twitter that shows a car that looks like a Tesla Cybertruck, but it is not.

The car has a cardboard shape on it to make it look like the electric truck, and it is driving on the road.

This shows that people are very eager to get the new EV, and they are making their own versions of it.

Jokes and Parallels

When people see a video like this, they like to make jokes about it.

That’s a good deal for $3,500,” one person said, making fun of how cheap the fake truck looks.

Comment via X

Many people also made fun of online shopping websites that sell fake things.

“Cybertruck – Wish edition,” one person said, comparing the fake truck to the bad products on the website.

“I guess he got his from Wish dot com,” another person said.

“Is China making Cybertrucks now!?!!” another person shouted.

But let’s forget about this funny video for a moment. There are many videos of real Cybertrucks being tested.

Joe Tegtmeyer is a drone pilot who filmed the Giga Texas factory from the air. He showed that the factory is very busy.

He filmed the whole factory, but he also saw something very special: the real Tesla Cybertruck that is ready to be sold.

His video made many people who want to buy a Cybertruck very happy.

But not everyone was making fun of the fake Tesla Cybertruck video.

“My son thinks it looks cool,” one person said, liking the video.

But most people thought the video was funny.

“I always wanted a Cybertruck, but this video changed my mind: it looks like a toy car,” one person said.

But they don’t have to worry, because the real Cybertruck will look much better when it comes out later this year.


While some users expressed genuine admiration, with one stating, My son loves the way it looks,” the majority found the homemade spectacle amusing.

For those concerned about the homemade version’s toy-like appearance, reassurance comes in the form of the impending official release.

As videos of genuine Cybertrucks being tested continue to surface, it’s only a matter of time before the authentic vehicles roll off the production line, promising a much-improved visual appeal for eager enthusiasts before the year’s end.


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