Meet the Woman Who lives Alone on a floating island in Canada that she hand-built with her late husband

Meet Catherine King, the resilient woman who has called a hand-built floating island her home for the past 31 years.

Together with her late husband, Wayne Adams, Catherine crafted a remarkable oasis they lovingly named Freedom Cove.

This secluded haven, nestled off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia, is not just a dwelling; it’s a testament to their shared dream of escaping the chaos of city life.

The Story of Catherine King and Her Husband

Catherine King is a woman who lives on a floating island that she hand-built with her husband. The island is called Freedom Cove, and it is an amazing example of creativity and self-reliance.

Catherine King and her late husband Wayne Adams met in 1987 and they had a common dream of living away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

King was a massage therapist in Toronto, her hometown, and Adams was a sculptor in Victoria.

They soon realized that they wanted to live closer to nature, and they started looking for the ideal place to build their own island.

They found a small deserted island off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia, and they decided to make a floating home near the shore.

They used discarded planks of wood that they found after a storm to start building their home. It took them five years to finish it, and they kept adding more features to it over time.

The Features of the Floating Island

The floating island that King and Adams built is not just a simple home. It is a complex and self-sufficient structure that has many amenities and facilities.

The island has a chicken coop, several greenhouses, a water-purification system, and even a candle-making factory. It also has a dance floor, a lighthouse, a gallery, and a workshop.

The island is powered by solar panels and generators, and it has a composting toilet and a rainwater collection system. It also has a boat dock and a helipad for visitors.

The island is decorated with colourful paintings and sculptures, and it has a cozy and artistic vibe. It also has a name: Freedom Cove, which reflects the lifestyle and philosophy of its creators.

Here is the full video of the Island.

The Challenges and Rewards of Living on the Island

Living on a floating island that you built yourself has its advantages and disadvantages.

Talking on the insider,

King says that one of the benefits is the freedom and peace that she enjoys on the island. She says that she feels connected to nature and the seasons, and that she loves the wildlife and the scenery around her.

However, living on the island also has its difficulties and risks. King says that one of the biggest challenges is maintaining the island in good condition, especially during the storms.

She says that she has had to rebuild the dance floor four times, and that she has to constantly repair and replace the parts of the island that get damaged by the weather.

King also says that living on the island requires a lot of work and skills. She says that she has to grow her own food, make her own candles, and take care of the animals.

She also says that she has to be resourceful and inventive, and that she has to learn how to do everything herself.

Tragedy struck last year when Wayne Adams passed away, leaving Catherine to navigate the floating island alone.

King is now living alone on the island, after her husband Adams passed away last year.

She says that she misses him a lot, but that she has no plans to leave the island anytime soon.

She says that the island is her home and her legacy, and that she wants to continue living there as long as she can.

Despite the profound loss, she remains resolute in her commitment to the place they built together.

At 62 years old, Catherine has no plans of leaving anytime soon, continuing to find solace in the harmony of nature that surrounds her.


In the legacy of Freedom Cove, Catherine King stands as a testament to the power of shared dreams, resilience, and the enduring connection between humans and the natural world.

Her story echoes through the waves, inspiring others to seek their own path to harmony, even if it means building a home on the open waters.


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