See This Crazy hybrid off-roader made from Wood and logs

If you are looking for a unique and eco-friendly vehicle, you might want to check out this amazing creation by Garage 54, a YouTube channel that specializes in making bizarre DIY vehicles.

This off-roader is not only made of wood, but also has a hybrid engine that runs on both gas and diesel.

How did they do it? Let’s find out.

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The Wooden Body and Frame

The most striking feature of this off-roader is that it is made of wood.

Literally. The body and the frame are composed of logs and branches that are tied together with ropes and wires.

The logs form the base of the frame, the front bumper, and the protection for the powertrain.

The branches serve as the fenders, the hood, and the roof. The seat is also supported by two logs that are joined together.

The result is a rugged and rustic look that blends in with nature.

The Car Parts

Of course, this off-roader is not entirely made of wood. It still has some essential parts that come from a car, such as the steering rack, the wheels, the axles, and the brakes.

The steering rack is a standard one that allows the driver to control the direction of the vehicle.

The wheels are also normal, except that they are wrapped with chains to provide more traction on rough terrain.

The axles and the brakes are also normal, but the brakes are operated by a lever instead of a pedal, which adds to the challenge of driving this vehicle.

The Hybrid Engine

The most impressive part of this off-roader is the engine. Unlike most vehicles that have a ready-made powertrain from a specific brand, this one has a custom-made engine that was built from scratch by Garage 54.

The team scavenged all the components they needed from a junkyard and assembled them together.

The engine is a hybrid of two different types of engines that are usually not compatible: gas and diesel.

This means that the vehicle can run on either fuel, depending on the availability and the preference of the driver.

This is a remarkable feat, considering that most people would not think that a gas-diesel hybrid is possible.


This off-roader is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Garage 54.

They managed to build a vehicle that is made of wood, has a hybrid engine, and can tackle any terrain.

This is not a typical car, but a work of art that challenges the conventional notions of what a vehicle can be.

If you want to see more of their crazy creations, you can check our their YouTube channel and subscribe to  our videos.

You will be amazed by what they can do with wood, metal, and imagination.


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