How This Couple Turned a €1 Abandoned House into Their Dream Home in Just 3 Weeks

Have you ever dreamed of owning a historic house in a charming Italian village? Well, this couple did more than just dream.

They actually bought one for only €1 and renovated it in just three weeks!

But how did they do it? And what was the catch?

Read on to find out how Sara and Luca, the adventurous duo behind the YouTube channel Leave Everything and Wander, pulled off this incredible feat.

The €1 House Challenge

Sara and Luca are not new to extreme makeovers. They have previously converted a camper van into a cozy home on wheels and restored a house in the Italian Alps.

But their latest project was something else. They wanted to take part in the Italian government’s initiative to revive their rural towns.

Many Italians have left their ancestral homes in search of better opportunities in the big cities or abroad. This has left many beautiful villages with empty houses and ageing residents.

To attract new inhabitants, the government has offered some of these properties for sale at just €1, with the condition that the buyers would renovate them within a certain period of time.

Sara and Luca were intrigued by this opportunity and decided to give it a try. They visited about 20 dilapidated houses before they found the one that stole their hearts.

The €1 House of Their Dreams

The house that Sara and Luca chose was a stunning medieval home in a 1.5-hectare olive grove in Sicily.

The house was more than 1,000 years old and had a lot of character and charm.

It had high ceilings, decorative mouldings, and the original tiles still in place.

It also had two balconies that overlooked the village and the sea, which was only a 10-minute walk away.

But the house was also in a terrible state. It needed more than just a lick of paint. It needed a complete overhaul.

Sara and Luca had a vision for their €1 house. They wanted to make it livable and comfortable, but also preserve its history and authenticity.

They also wanted to work on the land and produce their own organic olive oil.

They hired some local workers to help them, but they did most of the work themselves.

They fixed the plumbing, the electrics, the floors, and the walls.

They also added some modern touches, such as a kitchen, a bathroom, and a heating system.

The €1 House Transformation

Sara and Luca worked hard and fast. They managed to transform their €1 house in just three weeks.

They documented their progress on their YouTube channel, where they have over 200,000 subscribers.

They also shared their story with various media outlets, such as CNN, BBC, and The Guardian. They received a lot of praise and admiration for their amazing achievement.

They also received some criticism and skepticism. Some people questioned the legality and the ethics of their project.

Some people wondered how much money they actually spent on the renovation.

Sara and Luca said that they followed all the rules and regulations of the €1 house scheme.

They also said that they spent a reasonable amount of money on the renovation, which they considered a good investment.

They said that they would reveal the exact cost of their project once they finished it.

They also said that they did not do it for the money, but for the experience and the challenge.

They said that anyone could do what they did, as long as they had the courage and the determination.

“Even if you are not wealthy, you can do this on a budget,” said Sara.

“You just need to do it step-by-step.”


Sara and Luca are very happy with their €1 house. They have moved in with their child and are enjoying their new life in Sicily.

They have also made friends with their neighbours and the locals, who have welcomed them warmly.

They plan to continue working on their house and their land, and to share their adventures with their fans.

They also hope to inspire others to follow their example and to take advantage of the €1 house opportunity.

They believe that this is a great way to preserve the heritage and the culture of Italy, and to create a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

What do you think of Sara and Luca’s €1 house project? Would you like to try it yourself?

Let us know in the comments below!


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