A Wooden Mercedes Truck: How This Artist Built a Truck with Amazing Features

Have you ever seen a wooden truck that looks like a real one? Well, you are about to witness one of the most impressive woodworking projects ever.

A Vietnamese artist, who goes by the name of Woodworking Art on YouTube, has made a stunning replica of a 2023 Mercedes Actros tractor truck using only wood and some metal parts.

And the best part is, this wooden truck has working suspension, steering, and a very detailed interior.

How He Made the Wooden Truck

The first thing that Woodworking Art did was to find a large block of wood that he could use as the base for his truck.

He then drew the outline of the truck on the wood, using a pencil and a ruler.

He carefully measured the dimensions and proportions of the truck, making sure that everything was accurate.

Next, he used a band saw to cut out the shape of the truck from the wood. He removed all the unnecessary parts, leaving only the main body of the truck.

He then used a hand chisel to carve out the finer details of the truck, such as the door handles, the front grille, and the cabin interior.

Woodworking Art showed his amazing skills with the hand chisel, creating very realistic and intricate pieces.

He made the seats, the steering wheel, the dashboard, and even the pedals of the truck.

He also used small pieces of perspex to make the windows, the windscreen, and the side mirrors of the truck.

You can watch the full build process here!

Embed video.https://youtu.be/ucJRgT1dYHo

How He Added the Working Features

After he finished carving the wooden truck, Woodworking Art added some working features to make it even more impressive.

He used metal springs to create the suspension system of the truck, allowing it to bounce and absorb shocks.

He also connected the steering wheel to the front wheels, enabling the truck to turn left and right.

But that’s not all. Woodworking Art also made the cabin of the truck movable, so that he could open it and reveal the engine of the truck.

He made the engine out of wood as well, and it looked very realistic. He even added some wires and pipes to make it look more authentic.

In a later video, Woodworking Art also made a huge trailer for the truck, using the same technique and materials.

He attached the trailer to the truck, and the result was a magnificent wooden vehicle that looked like it could hit the road anytime.

You can watch that video here!

Embed video.https://youtu.be/zCq-E7qumFA

How He Became a YouTube Sensation

Woodworking Art has gained a lot of fans and followers with his amazing creations.

He now has more than 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube, and his videos have millions of views.

People are amazed by his talent and craftsmanship, and they always look forward to his next project.

Woodworking Art is not the only one who makes incredible things out of wood.

He is part of a growing community of woodworkers who share their creations online.

One of them is Vietnamese dad Dao Truong Van, who makes almost life-size supercars out of wood.

He has made a fully-functional Ferrari GTO 250 and a Lamborghini Vision GT, among others.


Woodworking Art is a true artist who can turn wood into anything he wants.

He has made a mini Mercedes truck out of wood, and he has given it working suspension, steering, and a very detailed interior.

He has also made a trailer for the truck, and together they form a stunning wooden masterpiece.

He is an inspiration for anyone who loves woodworking, and he shows that with creativity and skill, anything is possible.


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