How This Kid’s Bed was Turned into a Powerful Corvette Car Go-Kart

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Corvette, but couldn’t afford one? Well, one man from Texas found a creative way to make his own version of the iconic sports car using a kid’s bed as the base.

He calls it the “Poorvette” and it’s a go-kart that looks and sounds like a real Corvette.

The Making of the Poorvette

The man behind this amazing project is Gilbert, who is a professional automotive technician and a go-kart enthusiast.

He goes by the username gilbertr300 online, where he shares his videos and photos of his go-kart creations.

Gilbert says he got the idea of making the Poorvette when he saw a children’s bed shaped like a Corvette for sale online.

He bought it and decided to transform it into a go-kart using his skills and tools.

He stripped the bed of its mattress and other parts, leaving only the shell of the Corvette. He then built a custom frame and chassis to fit the shell and mounted it on four wheels.

He also added a fully detailed interior to the go-kart, including a working gear stick, steering wheel, dashboard with speedometer and tachometer, and a racing seatbelt.

He even painted the go-kart in red, the classic color of the Corvette.

But the most impressive part of the Poorvette is its engine. Gilbert used an engine from a Honda CBR600 F4 bike, which is a powerful and loud motorcycle

He installed the engine at the back of the go-kart, giving it a rear-wheel drive and a lot of torque.

You can see how Gilbert turned the bed into the go-kart in this video:

[video link]

Facebook embeded.

The Performance of the Poorvette

Gilbert says he built the Poorvette to have some fun and to show off his skills.

He says he loves to do burnouts, donuts, and drifting with the go-kart, and that it can handle those maneuvers very well.

He also says that the Poorvette is very fast, but he doesn’t know exactly how fast.

He says he hasn’t tested its top speed yet, because he is afraid of crashing it.

“Maybe someday I’ll take it to an eighth-mile drag strip to get a little taste of what it’s capable of doing,”

he says

Gilbert says that building go-karts like the Poorvette is his hobby, and that he has made many other crazy builds before.

He says he builds them for fun, but he also sells them when he is ready to move on to the next project.

You can see how powerful the Poorvette is in this video:

[video link]

Facebook embedded

The Limitation of the Poorvette

Gilbert admits that there is one thing that the Poorvette can’t do, and that is driving in reverse. He says that the bike engine doesn’t have a reverse gear, and that he didn’t bother to add one to the go-kart.

“But that’s something I can live with,” he says. “The sound of a street bike on a go-kart is a sound that is unrivaled by any motor with reverse.”

He also says that he doesn’t need reverse, because he can always do a 180 drift to change direction.

Plus, who needs reverse when you can do a 180 drift?” he says.


The Poorvette is a remarkable example of how creativity and passion can turn a simple kid’s bed into a stunning go-kart.

Gilbert has shown that with some skills, tools, and imagination, you can make your own Corvette, even if you can’t buy one.

The Poorvette is not only a fun and fast go-kart, but also a tribute to the legendary Corvette, one of the most iconic and beloved sports cars in the world.

What do you think of the Poorvette? Would you like to have one? Let us know in the comments below!


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