Meet the man who built a Drivable Armchair Equipped With a flamethrower

Some people like to spend their free time reading books, watching movies, or playing games. But not this guy.

He has a passion for making wild and wacky DIY creations that defy logic and common sense. And his latest invention is no exception.  Creates drivable armchair that has a flamethrower attached.

He used a very ordinary armchair as the base

You might think that to make a drivable armchair, you would need some special kind of furniture that is designed for mobility and comfort.

But no, this guy just took a regular, old-fashioned, brown leather armchair that you can find in any American living room.

The kind of armchair that your grandfather would sit on and watch TV.

He added a flamethrower for extra fun

But of course, a drivable armchair is not enough for this guy. He wanted to make it more exciting and dangerous.

So he decided to attach a flamethrower to the armchair, because why not. The flamethrower is not just for show, it actually works.

He can shoot fire from his armchair and burn anything in his way.

He made a video of his armchair in action

If you are curious to see how his armchair works, you can watch his video on YouTube.

He shows how he built the armchair, how he controls it, and how he uses the flamethrower.

He also demonstrates his armchair on the road, in the park, and in his backyard. He even sets a pile of leaves on fire with his armchair.

He is not the only one who makes crazy DIY projects

This guy is not alone in his hobby of making insane DIY projects. There are many other people who share his love for creating things that are unusual, creative, and sometimes dangerous.

You can find many examples of their work on the internet, such as a jet-powered bicycle, a hoverboard, a rocket launcher, and a giant slingshot. T

hese people are not afraid to experiment and have fun with their inventions.

He inspires others to be creative and adventurous

You might think that this guy is crazy, reckless, or irresponsible.

But he is also inspiring. He shows that you can make anything you want with some imagination, skill, and courage.

He challenges the limits of what is possible and what is normal. He encourages others to be creative and adventurous, and to follow their dreams. He is a true DIY hero.


In the world of inventive DIY enthusiasts, this man’s drivable armchair with a flamethrower attached stands as a testament to the marriage of creativity and audacity.

By turning a commonplace armchair into a mobile spectacle, he has not only showcased his technical skills but also ignited a sense of wonder and amusement.

This wild creation is a reminder that sometimes, it takes an unexpected twist to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.


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