How to ride a bike without wheels: This man shows you how

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined a bike and a treadmill? You might think it’s impossible, but this man just proved you wrong.

He made a bike that runs on tracks instead of wheels, and the video is taking the internet by storm.

Meet The Q: The master of bike inventions

The Q is a YouTube channel that loves to experiment with bikes and make them do things you never imagined. The creator is not afraid to challenge the conventional design of a bike and show you how he does it.

This time, he has made a bike that has no wheels at all. Instead, he has replaced them with two custom-made tracks that look like treadmills.

The Q has taken treadmill-type tracks and ingeniously transformed them into unconventional ‘wheels’ for a bike.

He used the same frame that he had previously used for his other bike inventions, such as the square-wheel bike and the wheelless bike.

How he did it: A satisfying process

The video shows how he measured, cut, and assembled the pieces of the tracks to fit the bike frame.

He used metal rods, rubber bands, and wooden planks to create the tracks. The result is a smooth and satisfying process that will make any mechanic happy.

The tracks are attached to the bike frame with screws and bolts. They are connected to the pedals with chains and gears. The tracks move when the pedals are pushed, just like a normal bike.

How it works: A surprising success

The video ends with the creator riding his bike without wheels on a flat surface. He demonstrates how the tracks move and how he can steer the bike with the handlebars. The bike works almost flawlessly, except for some minor wobbling.

The bike without wheels is a cool concept, but it’s not very practical. You won’t be able to go very fast or ride on uneven terrain. You probably won’t see this bike on the streets anytime soon, but it’s fun to watch.

What people think: A mixed reaction

The video has received over 10 million views and thousands of comments from The Q’s 13.4 million subscribers.

Some people are impressed by the bike without wheels, while others are skeptical.

Wow, that’s amazing. How do you come up with these ideas?” one comment said.

“That’s not a bike, that’s a torture device,” another comment said.

“Please try it on different surfaces, like sand, mud, or grass,” another comment said.

The creator has made it clear that he made the bike without wheels “just for fun” and not for any serious purpose. He has a disclaimer in the video description that says “Don’t try this at home”.


In conclusion, The Q’s Franken bike serves as a testament to the endless possibilities within the field of bike innovation.

While it may not revolutionize transportation, it certainly sparks imagination and invites us to contemplate the unconventional.

The bike without wheels is a creative experiment that shows what happens when you mix a bike and a treadmill.

 It’s not a practical bike, but it’s a fun and interesting bike. The creator has shown his skills and imagination in making this bike without wheels.

We can’t help but look forward to the next thrilling experiment from this inventive mind, ready to redefine our perception of what a bike can be.


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