This Man tried to ride the most difficult DIY bicycle in the world


Some people enjoy their free time by reading books, watching movies, or playing games. But not this guy. He has a hobby of making weird and crazy DIY bikes that are very different from normal bikes.

And his latest creation is very special.

For those curious minds seeking the perfect mathematical equation for transforming ordinary bicycle wheels into extraordinary feats of engineering, your quest ends here.

The Q’s Unconventional Bicycle Portfolio

Meet The Q, a maverick in the world of bicycle innovation. He’s not just reinventing the wheel; he’s reshaping it into triangles, squares, and even defying logic with a wheel-less wonder. The fascinating twist? They all actually work.

He used a very common bike as the starting point

You might think that to make a DIY bike, you would need some special kind of bike that is made for customization and comfort.

But no, this guy just took a regular, old bike that you can see in any American street. The kind of bike that your grandmother would ride and enjoy.

Mathematical Musings on Paper

True to the essence of a mathematician, The Q initiates his experiment armed with a simple paper and pencil. The goal? To divide the wheels into segments that, when pieced together, form two complete wheels.

The first attempt yields a visually intriguing result – two halves and a third of a wheel. Armed with an electric saw, The Q disassembles the tires, precisely cutting them into measured segments.

The labour-intensive process involves chopping, drilling, sawing, welding, and culminates in a vibrant coat of orange paint.

He added some weird wheels for extra challenge

But of course, a DIY bike is not enough for this guy. He wanted to make it more interesting and difficult.

So he decided to cut up some of the wheels and put them back together in different shapes, because why not.

The wheels are not just for decoration, they actually spin.

However, the initial joy is short-lived as the first trial renders an unrideable creation. Undeterred, The Q, known for his persistence, revisits the drawing board. Adjusting the frame orientation, he embarks on round two in his local park.

Despite some progress, the ride remains bumpy, prompting The Q to reconsider the wheel’s conventional genius. Experimenting with wheel placement, he shifts the halves to the rear, places a complete wheel at the front, and attempts a third time.

Third time’s indeed a charm as The Q conquers the challenge. Riding off into the metaphorical sunset (his local park, once again), the DIY bicycle effortlessly handles curbs. However, fans question its cornering capabilities, pointing out design flaws.

He made a video of his bike in action

If you are curious to see how his bike works, you can watch his video on YouTube.

He shows how he made the bike, how he controls it, and how he rides it.

He also tries his bike on the road, in the park, and in his backyard. He even goes off the curb with his bike.

He is not the only one who makes weird DIY bikes

This guy is not alone in his hobby of making strange DIY bikes. There are many other people who share his love for creating things that are unusual, creative, and sometimes dangerous.

You can find many examples of their work on the internet, such as a bike with a jet engine, a bike that can fly, a bike that can shoot rockets, and a bike that can sling rocks. These people are not afraid to experiment and have fun with their creations.

He inspires others to be creative and adventurous

You might think that this guy is crazy, careless, or foolish. But he is also inspiring.

He shows that you can make anything you want with some imagination, skill, and courage.

He breaks the boundaries of what is possible and what is normal. He motivates others to be creative and adventurous, and to follow their dreams. He is a true DIY hero.


In the end, The Q’s journey unveils not just a unique DIY bicycle but a testament to the creativity sparked by trial, error, and the courage to embrace unconventional ideas.

Whether it’s triangles, squares, or an unorthodox combination, The Q’s bicycle odyssey teaches us that true innovation often thrives on the road less traveled.


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