How This Family of 10 Turned a Double-Decker Bus into Their Dream Home

Many children love riding on a double-decker bus. It’s an exciting and fun experience that makes them feel like they are on an adventure.

But for this family of 10, living on a double-decker bus is more than just a thrill. It’s a way of life.

The idea came to them after they went on a family road trip across the country.

As they were driving back home, the father looked at his kids in the rear-view mirror and saw how joyful they were. He realized that this was what truly mattered to him, not his stressful job or his expensive house.

He asked himself, “Why am I in such a hurry to go back to a life that doesn’t make me happy?”

He and his wife decided to make a radical change. They wanted to focus on their family and their happiness, not on their money and their possessions.

They started looking for a motorhome that they could renovate and live in. But they didn’t want just any motorhome.

They wanted something special and unique.

That’s when they stumbled upon a double-decker bus for sale. They knew it was perfect for them. They bought it and began transforming it into their dream home.

The Transformation

The bus they bought is a 2009 Vanhool TD925 Astro Mega. It’s a huge vehicle that can fit up to 81 passengers.

But for this family, it was going to be much more than a bus. It was going to be their home.

They spent over a year and about $200,000 to renovate the bus. They had to gut the interior, install plumbing and electricity, build walls and furniture, and decorate the space.

One of the most costly parts of the renovation was replacing the tires, which cost them $10,000.

They chose a farmhouse style for their bus, with dark wood and brown leather accents.

They wanted to create a cozy and warm atmosphere for their family.

1. The Downstairs

The downstairs area of the bus is where the family spends most of their time. It’s bright and spacious, thanks to the large windows that let in natural light.

It has a living room, a kitchen, a dining area, a bathroom, and a laundry room.

The living room has a comfortable sofa, a fireplace, a TV, and a bookshelf.

It’s where the family relaxes, watches movies, and reads books.

The kitchen has a full-sized fridge, a stove, an oven, a microwave, a sink, and plenty of cabinets and drawers.

It’s where the family cooks, eats, and cleans.

The dining area has a large table that can seat 10 people.

It’s where the family gathers for meals, games, and conversations.

The bathroom has a toilet, a sink, a shower, and a bathtub.

It’s where the family takes care of their hygiene and wellness.

The laundry room has a washer, a dryer, a sink, and a closet.

It’s where the family washes, dries, and stores their clothes.

2. The Upstairs

The upstairs area of the bus is where the family sleeps and plays.

It has 10 bunk bed pods, a play area, and a roof deck.

The bunk bed pods are where the kids sleep. Each pod has a mattress, a curtain, a light, and a fan.

The pods are cozy and snug, but not too small. The kids have enough room to stretch and move.

The play area is where the parents sleep and the kids play. During the day, the parents’ bed folds up and reveals a large space for the kids to have fun.

It has toys, books, games, and a chalkboard. It’s where the kids learn, create, and explore.

The roof deck is where the family enjoys the outdoors. It has hammocks, chairs, a table, and a projector.

It’s where the family relaxes, sunbathes, and watches movies under the stars.

The Adventure

The family is now travelling through the entire United States, spending two weeks in each state.

They want to see and experience everything that the country has to offer.

They visit national parks, museums, landmarks, and cities. They meet new people, learn new things, and make new memories.

At the end of two years, they plan to fly to Alaska and Hawaii, the only two states that they can’t reach by bus. This will mean that their young kids will have travelled to all 50 states by the time they are 10 years old.

That’s an amazing achievement that most people can only dream of.


This family of 10 has shown that living on a double-decker bus is not only possible, but also wonderful.

They have turned a vehicle into a home, and a home into an adventure. They have chosen to live a life that is simple, happy, and meaningful.

They have proven that a double-decker bus can take you much further than a regular school bus.

It can take you to places you’ve never seen, to people you’ve never met, and to experiences you’ve never had.

In the heart of their double-decker abode, this family is redefining the meaning of home. Shifting away from the conventional and embracing a life on the road, they have created a haven where happiness precedes the hustle.

As they continue their journey across America, their story serves as an inspiration for those seeking unconventional paths to family togetherness and fulfilment.

It can take you to happiness.


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