See How These guys Made Transparent Wheels for their Toyota Supra Out of Glass and they actually work

The Superkot YouTube Channel and Their Wacky Ideas

If you are a fan of cars and crazy experiments, you might have heard of the Superkot YouTube channel. These guys are known for their hilarious and outrageous stunts with their Toyota Supra, a legendary sports car that has a cult following among enthusiasts.

They have tried all kinds of weird and wonderful things with their Supra, such as oversize wheels, triangle wheels, buggy wheels, and horse wheels. But none of these ideas really worked out well.

They either looked ridiculous, made the car unstable, or damaged the suspension.

The Transparent Wheels Experiment

But the Superkot guys are not ones to give up easily. They always come up with new and more daring ideas for their Supra. And their latest idea is probably the most insane one yet: transparent wheels.

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Yes, you read that right. They decided to make wheels out of transparent material and see if they could drive their Supra with them. Why did they do it? Well, as they say in their video, just for fun and curiosity.

They used acrylic glass, also known as plexiglass, to make the transparent wheels. Acrylic glass is a type of plastic that is commonly used for making watch crystals, windows, and aquariums. It is clear, lightweight, and relatively cheap.

But it is not very strong or durable. It can crack, shatter, or scratch easily. And it is definitely not meant to be used as a material for wheels.

The Superkot guys cut out four circular pieces of acrylic glass, each about two inches (five centimetres) thick, and fitted them to their Supra.

They also added some bolts and nuts to secure them to the wheel hubs.

The Results

The results were surprising, to say the least. The transparent wheels actually worked. Sort of.

The Supra was able to move and drive normally with the transparent wheels. The wheels did not fall off or break immediately.

They lasted for about five minutes, during which the Superkot guys drove around their neighbourhood and showed off their unique creation.

The transparent wheels looked amazing on the Supra. They gave the car a futuristic and sleek appearance. They also made the car look like it was floating on air.

But the transparent wheels were not very practical or safe. They could not handle any bumps, potholes, or turns. They started to crack and chip under the weight and pressure of the car.

And eventually, they broke into pieces, leaving the Supra stranded on the road.

The Feedback

The Superkot guys uploaded their video of the transparent wheels experiment on their YouTube channel, where it quickly went viral. The video has received over 10 million views and thousands of comments.

Some of the comments were positive and supportive. They praised the Superkot guys for their creativity and courage. They also offered some suggestions on how to improve the transparent wheels, such as using polycarbonate instead of acrylic, or adding a metal ring around the wheel.

Polycarbonate is another type of plastic that is similar to acrylic, but more flexible and resistant to impact. It is used for making bulletproof glass, helmets, and shields. A metal ring around the wheel could provide some extra support and stability.

But some of the comments were negative and critical. They criticized the Superkot guys for wasting money and time on a pointless and dangerous experiment. They also warned them about the potential damage to their car and the environment.

They pointed out that driving a car with glass wheels on asphalt roads could cause scratches, sparks, and fires. They also said that the broken pieces of glass could pose a hazard to other drivers, pedestrians, and animals.

The Bottom Line

The transparent wheels experiment by the Superkot YouTube channel was a bold and crazy stunt that attracted a lot of attention and feedback. It showed that it is possible to make and drive a car with transparent wheels, but not for long or far.

The transparent wheels were not very reliable, durable, or safe. They could not withstand the stress and strain of driving. They broke easily and created a mess.

The transparent wheels were also not very useful or necessary. They did not improve the performance or functionality of the car. They only served as a visual gimmick and a source of entertainment.

The transparent wheels experiment was a fun and curious idea, but not a very smart or sensible one. It was a risky and wasteful way to modify a car, especially a classic and valuable one like the Toyota Supra.

The Superkot guys should be careful and responsible with their car and their experiments. They should respect their car and their environment. And they should think twice before trying something like this again.


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