Bike with Slippers: Check out this amazing bike that The Q made with slippers

The world of DIY inventions has seen its fair share of eccentricities – from square-wheeled bikes to wheel-less wonders.

However, The Q,a master of unconventional creations, has just rolled out his latest masterpiece, and it’s taking eccentricity to a whole new level.

The Genesis of the Slipper Bike

The Q is a genius of DIY. He has made many weird and wonderful things. But his newest invention is something else.

He has made a bike that has slippers instead of tires.

The Q is very careful and detailed. He does not make things that are half-done.

So, even though his bike has slippers for wheels, we think it will work well.

In This his most recent endeavour, The Q has given life to a bicycle that defies convention – a two-wheeler with rubber slippers instead of traditional wheels.

The meticulous DIY enthusiast doesn’t shy away from the complexity of his projects, and this one is no exception.

The Art of Crafting Slipper Wheels

To bring his vision to life, The Q starts by tracing and cutting the shape of his slippers in durable metal.

A total of 14 separate metal cut-outs are meticulously welded together, forming a sturdy base for each slipper.

 This innovative approach provides the necessary support, ensuring the bike is not merely a rubbery spectacle but a functional ride.

He starts by drawing his slippers and cutting their shape in metal.

He makes 14 metal pieces and joins them together to make a wheel.

The metal pieces are the base for the slippers, so the bike has some strength and not just rubber.

With the metal cutouts serving as the foundation, The Q attaches the makeshift wheels to the bike’s frame.

He then ingeniously secures each slipper onto the metal prongs, reinforcing the structure with screws.

The result may look absurd, but The Q encourages us to “trust the process.”

As the bike takes shape, with its bright yellow slippers rotating through the park, it creates a visual spectacle akin to a trippy illusion.

He puts the fake wheels on the bike frame. He takes off his slipper and puts it on one of the metal parts.

He uses screws to make it stay. He does the same with 13 more slippers.

It looks silly, but ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.

He finishes the front wheel and does the same for the back wheel. The bike is ready to try.

However, the real question remains – does it work?

Testing the Slipper Bike

He rides the bike with the yellow slippers in the park. It looks like a strange trick.

But does it work? Yes, it does.

With 14 slippers on each wheel, The Q shows that he can make anything.

The bike with slippers is not only cool, but also funny.

The Slipper Bike, supported by 14 rubber slippers on both the front and back, proves to be more than just a quirky concept.

The Q once again showcases his ability to reinvent the wheel, quite literally.

Beyond its visual appeal, the bike with slipper wheels emits a fantastic sound, as noted by one amused viewer who likened The Q’s projects to “art in motion.”

“It sounds great. Your projects are like moving art,” one viewer said in the comments.

If you’re curious to witness the entire process unfold, you can watch the full build video of the Slipper Bike here.

The bike with slippers is not the only hard thing that The Q has made. He also made the math problem…

This creation follows one of The Q’s most challenging builds – a bicycle crafted based on a mathematical equation. (Link)

Dividing the front wheel into thirds and the back wheel into halves resulted in a peculiar yet intriguing outcome.

The Slipper Bike joins the ranks of his previous feats, including a square-wheeled bike and a wheel-less wonder.

He cut his front wheel in three parts, and his back wheel in two parts. And the result was, well, you can see for yourself.

And before that, he made a bike with square wheels and a bike with no wheels at all.


In the DIY of The Q’s creations, every project is an adventure and bizarre.

The Slipper Bike, with its whimsical design and unexpected functionality, adds another chapter to the DIY master’s legacy.

As we marvel at the surreal sight of a bicycle propelled by slippers, it’s a testament to The Q’s creativity – where imagination knows no bounds and unconventional ideas find a way to roll smoothly.


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