Meet the man who built a wooden ‘Truck House’ on his truck to travel across Alaska

Some people like to live in big houses, and some people like to live in small houses. But this man likes to live in a house that can move with him wherever he goes.

He made his own house out of wood, and put it on top of his old truck. His house looks like a tiny wooden hut, with a roof, windows, and even a porch.

His name is Tim Johnson, and he is a YouTuber who loves nature. He has a channel called Truck House Life, where he shows his adventures in his truck house.

He used a 1996 Ford F350 as the base for his house, because it is strong and can carry a lot of weight. He also added a trailer behind his truck, so he can bring more things with him.

He likes to explore different places in Alaska and other parts of North America, so he needed a house that can handle rough roads and weather.

He made his tires bigger by 6 inches, so they can go over bumps and holes easily.

He says that living in a truck house is like living in a house that shakes all the time. He had to make his house very sturdy, so it would not fall apart.

Why he chose wood as his main material

He decided to use wood for his house, because he likes how it looks and how it works. Wood is a natural material that you can find anywhere in the world.

If something breaks or needs to be fixed, he can just go to a nearby wood shop or ask a local woodworker for help.

He also used a special kind of varnish to protect his wood from water and snow. Varnish is a liquid that makes wood shiny and waterproof. He used the same kind of varnish that people use for wooden boats.

He made his roof slanted, so that water and snow would slide off and not stay on top. He also put a solar panel on his roof, so he can get electricity from the sun.

How he decorated his truck house

His truck house has a lot of charm and personality. He made a porch in front of his house, where he can sit and enjoy the scenery.

He has two chairs on his porch, with storage space under them. He also has a mailbox on his porch, where people can leave him messages. He says he gets a lot of notes from people who like his truck house.

Inside his house, he has everything he needs to live comfortably. He has a kitchen area, with a stove, a sink, and counters that can fold up or down. He can cook anything he wants in his kitchen, even lasagne.

He also has a fireplace in his house, which keeps him warm in the cold weather. He has two couches in his house, where he can relax and have guests. He says he can fit six people in his house without any problem.

One of his couches can turn into a bed, so he can sleep in his house. He can also have two more people sleep in his house, if they want to.

He has storage space under his floor and under one of his couches, where he keeps his things. He also has a fridge that slides out from under his other couch, where he keeps his food and drinks.

He also has a toilet in his house, which he can roll out when he needs to use it. It looks like a big trash can, but it is actually a toilet.

What people think of his truck house

People who watch his YouTube channel are amazed by his truck house. They think it is very cool and creative. One of them said that his truck house should be in a museum.

Another reason why he likes living in a truck house is that it is cheaper than living in a normal house. He does not have to pay rent or mortgage, or worry about bills. He just needs to pay for gas and maintenance.

He also has a funny license plate on his truck, which says ‘Y RENT’. It means ‘why rent’, and it is a joke about his lifestyle. He does not need to rent a house, because he has his own house on his truck.


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