Top Python Projects with source codes– Beginner to Advanced

Let’s start a journey of Learning Python programming! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your skills, this article is your treasure of Python projects that covers from the basics to advanced levels.

Here, we’ll explore a variety of projects complete with source codes, designed to bolster your understanding and showcase the versatility of Python. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into a variety of Python projects that cater to both novice and seasoned coders alike.

Each project is crafted to provide hands-on Python coding experience as you create applications that have real-world utility. No matter if you’re taking your first steps in Python or aiming to refine your expertise, you’ll find projects that align with your skill level.

Python Projects Overview

Beginner Projects

1. The Classic: A To-Do List Application

Dive into the basics of Python with a simple yet functional to-do list application. This project will teach you the fundamentals of variables, loops, and user input handling.

2. Secret Messages: A Caesar Cipher Tool

Step into the world of cryptography by creating a Caesar Cipher tool, a method used by Julius Caesar to send secret messages.

Intermediate Projects

1. Data at Your Fingertips: A Personal Finance Tracker

Harness the power of Python to manage your finances. This project involves working with files and complex data structures to track expenses and income.

2. The Social Butterfly: A Twitter Bot

Learn to interact with web APIs by building a Twitter bot that can post tweets, retweet, and even respond to mentions.

Advanced Projects

1. Visual Wonders: A Data Visualization Dashboard

Python’s libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn open up a world of possibilities. Create stunning visualizations to represent data in an interactive dashboard.

2. Machine Learning Magic: An Image Recognition System

Take a bold step into the realm of machine learning with a project that uses libraries like TensorFlow or PyTorch to recognize and classify images.

Complete Python projects Tutorial

1. Projects for Beginners

  • Number guessing game in Python
  • Word guessing game in Python
  • Hangman Game in Python
  • 21 Number game in Python
  • Mastermind Game using Python
  • 2048 Game in Python
  • Flames game in Python
  • Pokémon Training Game
  • Rock Paper Scissor game in Python
  • Taking Screenshots using pyscreenshot in Python
  • Desktop Notifier in Python
  • Get Live Weather Desktop Notifications Using Python
  • How to use pynput to make a Keylogger?
  • Python – Cows and Bulls game
  • Simple Attendance Tracker using Python
  • Higher-Lower Game with Python
  • Fun Fact Generator Web App in Python
  • Check if two PDF documents are identical with Python
  • Creating payment receipts using Python
  • How To Create a Countdown Timer Using Python?
  • Convert emoji into text in Python
  • Create a Voice Recorder using Python
  • Create a Screen recorder using Python

2. Projects for Intermediate

  • How to Build a Simple Auto-Login Bot with Python
  • Make a Twitter Bot in Python
  • Building WhatsApp bot on Python
  • Create a Telegram Bot using Python
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Python
  • Employee Management System using Python
  • How to make a Python auto clicker?
  • Instagram Bot using Python and InstaPy
  • File Sharing App using Python
  • Send message to Telegram user using Python
  • Whatsapp birthday bot
  • Corona HelpBot
  • Amazon product availability checker using Python
  • Fetch your gmail emails from a particular user
  • How to Create a Chatbot in Android with BrainShop API?
  • How to Create a Chatbot in Android with BrainShop API?
  • Spam bot using PyAutoGUI
  • Hotel Management System

3. Web Scraping

  • Build a COVID19 Vaccine Tracker Using Python
  • Email Id Extractor Project from sites in Scrapy Python
  • Automating Scrolling using Python-Opencv by Color Detection
  • How to scrape data from google maps using Python?
  • Scraping weather data using Python to get umbrella reminder on email
  • Scraping Reddit using Python
  • How to fetch data from Jira in Python?
  • Scrape most reviewed news and tweet using Python
  • Extraction of Tweets using Tweepy
  • Predicting Air Quality Index using Python
  • Scrape content from dynamic websites

4. Automating boring Stuff Using Python

  • Automate Instagram Messages using Python
  • Automating Happy Birthday post on Facebook
  • Automatic Birthday mail sending with Python
  • Automated software testing with Python
  • Automate Google Search
  • Automate linkedin connections using Python
  • Automated Trading using Python
  • Automate the Conversion from Python2 to Python3
  • Bulk Posting on Facebook Pages using Selenium
  • Share WhatsApp Web without Scanning QR code using Python
  • Automate WhatsApp Messages With Python using Pywhatkit module
  • How to Send Automated Email Messages in Python
  • Automate backup with Python Script
  • Automated software testing with Python
  • Hotword detection with Python
  • Automate linkedin connections using Python

5. Tkinter Projects

  • Create First GUI Application using Python-Tkinter
  • Simple GUI calculator using Tkinter
  • Compound Interest GUI Calculator using Tkinter
  • Loan calculator using Tkinter
  • Rank Based Percentile Gui Calculator using Tkinter
  • Standard GUI Unit Converter using Tkinter in Python
  • Create Table Using Tkinter
  • GUI Calendar using Tkinter
  • File Explorer in Python using Tkinter
  • ToDo GUI Application using Tkinter
  • Weight Conversion GUI using Tkinter
  • Age Calculator using Tkinter
  • Create a GUI Marksheet using Tkinter
  • Create a digital clock using Tkinter
  • Create Countdown Timer using Python-Tkinter
  • Tkinter Application to Switch Between Different Page Frames
  • Color game using Tkinter in Python
  • Simple FLAMES game using Tkinter
  • Simple registration form using Tkinter
  • Image Viewer App in Python using Tkinter
  • How to create a COVID19 Data Representation GUI?
  • Create GUI for Downloading Youtube Video using Python
  • GUI to Shutdown, Restart and Logout from the PC using Python
  • Create a GUI to extract Lyrics from song Using Python
  • Application to get live USD/INR rate Using Python
  • Build an Application for Screen Rotation Using Python
  • Build an Application to Search Installed Application using Python
  • Text detection using Python
  • Spell Corrector GUI using Tkinter
  • Make Notepad using Tkinter
  • Sentiment Detector GUI using Tkinter
  • Create a GUI for Weather Forecast using openweathermap API in Python
  • Build a Voice Recorder GUI using Python
  • Create a Sideshow application in Python
  • Visiting Card Scanner GUI Application using Python

6. Turtle Projects

  • Create digital clock using Python-Turtle
  • Draw a Tic Tac Toe Board using Python-Turtle
  • Draw Chess Board Using Turtle in Python
  • Draw an Olympic Symbol in Python using Turtle
  • Draw Rainbow using Turtle Graphics in Python
  • How to make Indian Flag using Turtle – Python
  • Draw moving object using Turtle in Python
  • Create a simple Animation using Turtle in Python
  • Create a Simple Two Player Game using Turtle in Python
  • Flipping Tiles (memory game) using Python3
  • Create pong game using Python – Turtle

7. OpenCV Projects

  • Extract frames using OpenCV
  • Displaying the coordinates of the points clicked on the image using Python-OpenCV
  • White and black dot detection
  • OpenCV BGR color palette with trackbars
  • Draw rectangular shape and extract objects
  • Drawing with Mouse on Images using Python-OpenCV
  • Text Detection and Extraction using OpenCV and OCR
  • Invisible Cloak using OpenCV
  • Background subtraction – OpenCV
  • Unsupervised Face Clustering Pipeline
  • Pedestrian Detection using OpenCV-Python
  • Saving Operated Video from a webcam
  • Face Detection using Python and OpenCV with webcam
  • Gun Detection using Python-OpenCV
  • Multiple Color Detection in Real-Time using Python-OpenCV
  • Detecting objects of similar color in Python using OpenCV
  • Opening multiple color windows
  • Play a video in reverse mode
  • Template matching using OpenCV in Python
  • Cartooning an Image using OpenCV – Python
  • Vehicle detection in a Video frame using Python – OpenCV
  • Count number of Faces using Python – OpenCV
  • Live Webcam Drawing using OpenCV
  • Detect and Recognize Car License Plate from a video in real time
  • Track objects with Camshift using OpenCV
  • Replace Green Screen using OpenCV- Python
  • Python – Eye blink detection project
  • Connect your android phone camera to OpenCV – Python
  • Determine The Face Tilt Using OpenCV – Python
  • Right and Left Hand Detection Using Python
  • Brightness Control With Hand Detection using OpenCV in Python
  • Creating a Finger Counter Using Computer Vision and OpenCV in Python

8. Python Text to Speech and Vice-Versa

  • Speak the meaning of the word using Python
  • Convert PDF File Text to Audio Speech using Python
  • Speech Recognition in Python using Google Speech API
  • Convert Text to Speech in Python
  • Python Text To Speech using pyttsx module
  • Convert Speech to text and text to Speech
  • Personal Voice Assistant in Python
  • Build a Virtual Assistant Using Python
  • Create a simple assistant using Wolfram Alpha API
  • Voice Assistant using python
  • Voice search Wikipedia using Python
  • Language Translator Using Google API in Python
  • How to make a voice assistant for E-mail in Python?
  • Voice Assistant for Movies using Python

9. More Projects on Python

  • Tic Tac Toe GUI In Python using PyGame
  • 8-bit game using pygame
  • Bubble sort visualizer using PyGame
  • Caller ID Lookup using Python
  • Tweet using Python
  • How to make Flappy Bird Game in Pygame?
  • Face Mask detection and Thermal scanner for Covid care – Python Project
  • Personalized Task Manager in Python
  • Pollution Control by Identifying Potential Land for Afforestation – Python Project
  • Human Scream Detection and Analysis for Controlling Crime Rate – Project Idea
  • Download Instagram profile pic using Python

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Python is a language that grows with you, and these projects are just the beginning. Each project is a stepping stone that prepares you for the next challenge, and with the source codes provided, you’re never alone on this journey. Embrace the process, and watch as your skills—and your projects—evolve from simple scripts to complex, world-changing algorithms.

Remember, the key to mastering Python is practice, curiosity, and a willingness to experiment. So, grab these project ideas, fire up your code editor, and start creating!

(Note: The projects mentioned are hypothetical examples and are meant to inspire ideas for Python enthusiasts to develop their own unique applications.)


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