See How This Man Made a Monowheel at Home: How to Make a Monowheelwheel with a Motorbike Engine

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride a monowheel? A monowheel is a one-wheeled vehicle that has the rider inside the wheel.

It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it is actually possible to make one at home.

That’s what the guys from the YouTube channel Make it Extreme did.

They are known for their amazing DIY projects, and this one is no exception.

They built a monowheel that is powered by a motorbike engine, and they documented the whole process in a video that has gone viral.

The Making of the Monowheel

The video shows how the guys made the monowheel from scratch, using steel pipe, scooter tyres, a lathe, a welder, and a motorbike engine.

Here are the main steps they followed:

Bending the Pipe

The first step was to bend a long piece of steel pipe into a circle.

This would form the outer frame of the monowheel.

To do this, they used a vice to bend the pipe gradually, making sure it was perfectly round.

Painting the Frame

The next step was to paint the outer frame with orange spray paint.

This gave the monowheel a nice color and made it stand out.

Making the Rollers

The third step was to make four rollers that would allow the outer frame to rotate around the inner frame.

The inner frame is where the rider sits and controls the monowheel.

To make the rollers, they used a lathe to shape four pieces of metal, and then attached them to the outer frame with bolts.

Cutting the Tyres

The fourth step was to cut four scooter tyres to use as the rubber for the outer frame.

This would provide traction and stability for the monowheel.

They used a handheld cutter to slice off the sidewalls of the tyres, and then glued them to the outer frame.

Building the Inner Frame

The fifth step was to build the inner frame of the monowheel.

This was also made of steel pipe, but with a different shape and size.

They welded the pipe together to form a triangular structure, with a seat and a handlebar at the front.

Mounting the Rollers

The sixth step was to mount the rollers to the inner frame.

This would allow the inner frame to stay in place while the outer frame spins.

They welded four brackets to the inner frame, and then attached the rollers to them with bolts.

Mounting the Engine

The seventh step was to mount the engine to the inner frame.

This would provide the power for the monowheel.

They used a small petrol engine, probably from a motorbike, and fixed it to the back of the inner frame with bolts.

Making the Sprocket

The eighth step was to make a sprocket that would connect the engine to the outer frame.

This would transfer the motion of the engine to the wheel, making it move.

They used a lathe to make a metal roller with a sprocket on it, and then attached it to the inner frame with a chain.

Testing the Monowheel

The final step was to test the monowheel. They applied a final coat of orange spray paint to the inner frame, and then took the monowheel for a spin.

The video shows how they rode the monowheel on a road, and how they controlled the speed and direction with the handlebar and the throttle.

The Result

The monowheel turned out to be a resounding success.

It looked awesome and worked well. Even though it was hard to ride, it was also heaps of fun.

The guys from Make it Extreme proved that it is possible to make a monowheel with a motorbike engine, and they inspired many people to try it themselves.

You can watch the video here:

[embed the video link]


The monowheel is a fascinating and unique vehicle that has been around for a long time, but has never been very popular.

However, thanks to the creativity and skill of the guys from Make it Extreme, the monowheel has gained new attention and admiration.

They showed how to make a monowheel with a motorbike engine, and they shared their experience with millions of viewers.

Their monowheel is a great example of DIY engineering and innovation, and a source of inspiration for anyone who loves to make things.


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