The Pi Network Team says that the Open Mainnet will Launch in 2024 if these Specified Conditions are met

Greetings, Pioneers! The whispers have morphed into a roar, the speculation into concrete plans. The Pi Network Core Team has finally unveiled its 2024 Roadmap, illuminating the path towards open mainnet and sparking conversations as fiery as the blockchain itself.

So, grab your virtual pickaxes, because we’re diving deep into the details of this Pi Network roadmap and the monthly mining rate adjustment.

Pi Network’s Ambitious 2024 Roadmap

This roadmap isn’t a simple treasure map; it’s a blueprint for an ecosystem revolution. Brace yourselves for:

  • Phase 3: Enclosed Mainnet:

Buckle up for Phase 3, where the Pi Network emerges from its chrysalis.

Expect a closed, permissioned mainnet for select partners and developers, laying the groundwork for future mass adoption.

Think of it as a private beta party before the grand opening.

  • KYC Integration:

Identity verification gets real with KYC integration. This crucial step ensures compliance and paves the way for future fiat-to-Pi conversions.

Consider it your VIP pass to the Pi Network club.

  • Smart Contracts & dApps:

The gates swing open for innovation! Smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) take centre stage, unleashing the potential for DeFi, NFTs, and a whole new frontier of possibilities built on the Pi Network.

Think of it as your chance to be a digital gold prospector, panning for the next revolutionary dApp.

  • Enhanced Security & Scalability:

Rest assured, Pioneers, the Pi Network isn’t skimping on security. Expect ongoing infrastructure upgrades and scalability solutions to ensure a robust and future-proof network.

Think of it as the bedrock upon which your Pi fortune is built.

Mining Matters: The Buzz on Pi Network’s Rate Adjustments

Now, let’s talk mining. The Pi Network Core Team has announced a gradual decrease in the monthly mining rate throughout 2024.

This, they say, is to ensure long-term sustainability and prevent inflation. While some Pioneers might see this as a pickaxe to the gut, remember, a controlled burn creates the hottest flames.

This adjustment paves the way for a Pi with true value and scarcity, making your early mining efforts all the more valuable.

Think of it as an investment in the future, where each Pi shines brighter than a diamond headlamp.


The Pi Network roadmap for 2024 may not be a treasure chest overflowing with instant riches, but it’s a map to a far grander prize: a thriving, decentralized ecosystem built on the collective efforts of millions of Pioneers.

Remember, the journey, not just the destination, is what makes us miners. So, sharpen your shovels, Pioneers, and embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The Pi Network is on the cusp of something extraordinary, and we, the early adopters, hold the pickaxes that will forge its future. Let’s make 2024 the year the Pi Network truly shines.


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