Pi Network Sets New Goals for 2024: A Look at the Roadmap and the Adjusted Mining Rate

The Pi Network community is super excited about the 2024 Roadmap and the monthly mining rate change recently announced by the Core Team.

With big goals and hints about the Open Mainnet, it’s making waves in the crypto world.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Pi Network Core Team has planned for this year and how these decisions could impact us.

Adjusting Mining Rates, Impacts and effects

Pi Network’s unique mobile mining, drawing millions of users, faced sustainability challenges with over 35 million active Pioneers.

To secure long-term stability, the Pi Core Team introduced a monthly mining rate adjustment.

This means the hourly Pi earnings will gradually decrease, following a set algorithm.

Community reactions are mixed;  some see it as vital for Pi Network’s sustainability, while others worry about its impact on mining earnings.

The Pi Core Team adjusted the mining rate and see it’s necessary for various reasons,

1. Guarding Against Hyperinflation:

Unchecked mining might flood the market with Pi, risking a value crash. The adjustment aims to maintain a healthy balance between Pi supply and demand.

2. Boosting Engagement and Security:

Reduced mining rates encourage users to actively secure the network through KYC/Pi KYC and lock their Pi in the in-app wallet.

3. Smoother Open Mainnet Transition:

A gradual decrease in mining rewards prepares the network for the Open Mainnet, allowing market forces to determine Pi’s value.

Open Mainnet Announcement by Pi core team

The 2024 Roadmap, though without a specific date for the Open Mainnet, maps out key milestones leading to its launch.

The launch will take place this year with fulfilment of certain conditions  such as:

  • Growing Pi Apps Ecosystem:

The Pi Core Team actively develops a robust ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) on the Pi blockchain, creating new use cases for Pi before the Open Mainnet launch.

  • Integration with Financial Systems:

Plans include seamless integration with traditional financial systems, making it easy for users to buy, sell, and spend Pi in the real world.

  • Governance and Community Involvement:

The Pi Core Team aims for a decentralized governance system, empowering the community to shape the network’s future through initiatives like the upcoming Pi Improvement Proposals (PIPs) process.

What Does  the mining rate adjustment it Mean for You as a Pioneer?

The Pi Network Core Team’s 2024 Roadmap presents a clear vision for the network’s future. While the mining rate adjustment may initially seem daunting, it represents a necessary step towards long-term stability and value growth.

The focus on Open Mainnet preparation , dApp development, and financial integration hints at a future where Pi becomes a truly usable and valuable cryptocurrency.

For Pioneers, the roadmap presents both challenges and opportunities.

Adapting to the lower mining rate requires active engagement with the network and participation in the growing ecosystem.

However, those who stay invested and contribute to the network’s development stand to reap significant rewards when Pi reaches its full potential on the Open Mainnet.


The Pi Network’s 2024 Roadmap is a bold and ambitious plan that has the potential to revolutionize the mobile-first crypto landscape.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pioneer or a curious newcomer, this roadmap offers a glimpse into a future where Pi empowers individuals and fosters financial inclusion on a global scale.

So, buckle up and prepare for an exciting ride as the Pi Network navigates the road towards a brighter future in 2024 and beyond!

Remember, the future of Pi Network is in our hands. Let’s work together to build a thriving and inclusive ecosystem that empowers everyone to participate in the crypto revolution.


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