Pi Network Faces Setbacks In Achieving Global Consensus Value of $314,159

In a recent discussion with economic and cryptocurrency experts, Pi Network’s big aim to reach a Global Consensus Value (GCV) of $314,159 came under scrutiny after announcing its mainnet transition roadmap update V2.

Let’s explore the concerns that experts raised in simpler terms.

1. Lack of Market Demand

Experts Express Doubts: Some experts are unsure if Pi Network can make people really want to use its token, Pi, after the mainnet launch.

They worry because Pi doesn’t seem to have clear uses beyond the network.

2. Limited Network Effects

Why Networks Matter: To be really valuable, lots of people need to use Pi. But experts worry that not enough people might start using Pi Network for it to become widely known and used.

Achieving a high GCV requires a strong network effect, but concerns were raised about the potential insufficiency of Pi Network’s network effects to drive widespread adoption.

3. Lack of Exchanges and Liquidity

Getting on Markets Matters: If Pi token isn’t available on many markets and doesn’t have enough people trading it, it might not become well-known and might struggle to reach the big GCV goal.

The absence of widespread exchange listings and sufficient liquidity for Pi token could limit its marketability.

4. Competing Market Conditions

Big Players in the Way: Other well-known cryptocurrencies already have lots of attention and investments.

This makes it hard for Pi Network to stand out in the crowded cryptocurrency market.

Experts noted stiff competition from other established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

5. Regulatory Uncertainty

Regulatory Roadblocks: Evolving regulations and potential legal hurdles in the cryptocurrency landscape could impact Pi Network’s growth potential, hindering the desired GCV.

Evolving regulations and potential legal hurdles in the cryptocurrency landscape were identified as potential challenges, impacting Pi Network’s growth potential and hindering the desired GCV.

6. Lack of Scalability

Getting Bigger is a Challenge: As more people join Pi Network, experts wonder if it can handle the growth without having technical problems or issues with performance.

7. Investor Perception and Trust: Building Confidence

Why Trust Matters: Experts say that for Pi Network to do well, it needs to be really clear with its plans, talk to investors openly, and have strong rules in place.

This helps people feel safe and want to use Pi.

Transparent communication, clear roadmaps, and a robust governance structure were emphasized as critical factors to build and maintain investor confidence, essential for achieving the desired GCV.

8. Market Volatility and Economic Factors: Dealing with Changes

Markets Are Unpredictable: Because the value of cryptocurrencies can change a lot, and the economy can be uncertain, Pi Network might have a tough time reaching and keeping the big GCV.

The cryptocurrency market’s volatility and broader economic conditions were highlighted as potential factors that could impact Pi Network’s ability to achieve and sustain the targeted GCV.

9. Lack of Real-World Integration: Partnerships for Success

Friends in the Real World: Pi Network might need to partner with big companies or have real-world uses to become more valuable.

Without these connections, it might be harder to reach the GCV goal.

10. Development and Execution Challenges: The Path Forward

Building the Future: For Pi Network to grow, it needs to keep improving, update things on time, and solve technical problems.

This helps investors feel confident and supports Pi Network’s journey.


While these concerns exist, it’s important to remember that Pi Network has the potential to overcome them. The team’s success depends on facing challenges, adjusting to the market, and actively involving the community to build trust and make Pi token useful.

 Pi Network hopes to achieve a global consensus value of $314,159, a nod to the mathematical constant pi. However, Pi Network faces many challenges and setbacks in its quest to become a viable and valuable crypto asset.

Pi Network is not a simple or easy project. It is a complex and challenging one. As the famous inventor Thomas Edison once said, “There is no substitute for hard work.” Pi Network will need to work hard and smart to overcome the obstacles and achieve its goals.

Pi Network will also need to adapt and evolve to the changing and dynamic crypto market. Pi Network will also need to communicate and collaborate with its users and partners to create a strong and loyal network.


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