How to Generate AI Videos from Texts Using ChatGPT

In the fast-moving world of technology, artificial intelligence continues to revolve and shows us of what is possible with technology.

One such ground-breaking application is the ability to generate videos effortlessly using advanced language models like ChatGPT.

Those of you who have been leveraging the best ChatGPT plugins might know that Its possible to install and use ChatGPT pluginsand here we are going to install and use one to explore and harness the power of ChatGPT to create stunning AI-generated videos without breaking a sweat.

So if you are Curious to make videos in ChatGPT, let’s dive in.

Process of Generating AI videos Using ChatGPT

Step 1: Install the Visla ChatGPT Plugin

Start by installing the Visla plugin, which is important for making videos in ChatGPT. Remember, you need to learn how to install and use ChatGPT plugins. After that, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the plugin dropdown menu on the ChatGPT main screen and proceed to open the “Plugin Store.”

  • In the plugin store, enter “Visla” in the search box, and subsequently, press the “Install” button.

  • Choose Visla as the primary plugin from the GPT-4 dropdown menu and proceed with the following steps

Step 2: Use Visla to Plan and Generate a Video

  • After Enabling  the Visla plugin in ChatGPT 4 and input the following prompt:
“I want to create a storytelling video for my [Insert Topic] using the Visla Plugin. Brainstorm the other things about the video that the Visla plugin takes as input and outline them below.”
  • This will make ChatGPT to generate the outline for your requested video, which is quite detailed. Review it and request any changes if necessary.

  • Once satisfied, type out the following prompt.
“This looks good. Create the video using the details above.”
  • Visla is set to generate the video and provide you with a link. Simply click on the video link to access the AI-generated video on a new page.

  • The provided link will host your video along with its transcript. Play the video effortlessly. Although the voice-overs and videos will contain copyrighted sound, you have the option to use Visla Premium to remove them.

  • You have the option to export the video with free stock footage or subscribe to Storyblocks for premium access to their library of videos and sounds. You can just also import the video and edit using your own sound and elements.

Creating videos in ChatGPT is this straightforward. Just remember, you can apply this process to any topic by describing and adjusting it as needed.

Example of AI video Generated by Visla.

I explored various AI-generated videos on diverse topics by combining ChatGPT and Visla AI. The video below, a creation of the ChatGPT plugin, was generated entirely from a single prompt. Though the narration has room for improvement, the overall output is decent and suitable for short videos.

Example of a video Generated by Visla in ChatGPT by Beebom

The video incorporates free stock footage and a voiceover. For enhanced features, Visla AI provides a Premium subscription with access to premium stock footage and improved voice and text generation limits. Plans start at just $19 per month. Explore further on the official Visla AI website Here.

In conclusion, the ability to effortlessly generate videos with ChatGPT opens up new frontiers in content creation. From crafting compelling scripts to enhancing visual elements, the journey to creating AI-generated videos is an exciting one. Embrace the power of artificial intelligence and let ChatGPT redefine the way you approach video production, ushering in a new era of creativity and innovation.


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