What Is ChatGPT and ChatGPT-4 Open AI Chatbot New Features Update and How to Use Them

What is ChatGPT.

ChatGPTis an AI-powered computer program developed by OpenAI. It is trained to generate human-like text based on the input it receives from users.

ChatGPT is made to chat with people naturally and helpfully about answering their questions in coherent and simple way. You just tell ChatGPT what you need and it will generate the responses for you.

How-to access and start using ChatGPT.

Step 1. Register to ChatGPT .

  • First, go to chat.openai.com. You can make an account using your email, or your Google or Microsoft account. Making an account is free.
  • If you haven’t made an account before, click ‘Sign up‘ and follow the steps to enter your information. OpenAI needs your active phone number to check it’s really you when you make an account.

Step 2. Accept terms and conditions from ChatGPT

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll come across some notices. Read each one carefully and accept them individually in order to access the chat with the AI chatbot.

Step 3. Enter your Prompts.

At this point, you can enter your prompts to kick off the conversation with ChatGPT. Remember the better the prompt you enter, the better the answer ChatGPT gives you. You can learn how to write ChatGPT prompts in this guide.

When satisfied you can stop generating.

The Disadvantage of ChatGPT is that it is a text-based AI model and do not have the capability to create or generate images directly. Its functionality is focused on understanding and generating text-based content.

For this reason, ChatGPT-4 has been introduced to help in advanced features such as; Generation of images, solving math, analysis of graphs, coding etc.

What is ChatGPT-4: Everything you need to know in 2024.

ChatGPT-4 is the largest and newest model in ChatGPT that has the ability to do anything from coding to video and images generation. This means that it’s Multimodal.

This meansthat GPT-4 is able to accept ChatGPT prompts of both text and images.

The AI can look at pictures and understand them, not just see them. It can do this with both text and pictures together. GPT-4 can handle all kinds of pictures and words, like documents with writing and photos, drawings, or screenshots. Even if there’s only text, GPT-4 will still work well.

It does this with the help of ChatGPT plugins that are installed in it and used to do any kind of tasks. To use ChatGPT-4 it’s easy and simple, just sign in to you normal ChatGPT account and follow this steps to how to upgrade to ChatGPT-4 and install plugins.

You can also check out the top 10 plugins you must have installed, here is our list of top 10 ChatGPT plugins you should try out.

An example of the Most popular plugin is Canva Plugin that used to generate image designs, posters,  posters, reels and videos. You can learn how to use Canva and ChatGPT to generate designsIn-depth in this guide.

NOTE: Unfortunately, GPT-4 is currently exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, with usage limits. Subscribers can access two versions: the 32K engine for an extended word limit and the 8K version with limited capacity. OpenAI will adjust allocations based on demand.

GPT-4 vs. GPT-3.5: how much difference is there?

Role         GPT – 3.5         GPT – 4
    Programming and writing codes.GPT-3.5 can write code, but it’s not great at fixing mistakes. This means people spend more time correcting errors when using itGPT-4 is much better at understanding the code you want and making it better.
      Understanding imagesGPT-3.5 is primarily a text tool, It cant generate any other responses other than texts.GPT-4 is able to understand images. If you provide it with a photo, it can describe what’s in it, understand the context of what’s there, and make suggestions based on it
Memory CapacityGPT-4 can remember much more than older versions. GPT-4 can recall around 64,000 words. Furthermore, if you give GPT-4 a web link, it can use text from that page.GPT-3.5 can remember about 8,000 words at a time. It has a limited memory compared to ChatGPT-4
Number of ParametersHas been trained with around 100 trillion parameters. Although OpenAI doesn’t reveal the exact number of parameters used in GPT-4That’s an order of magnitude greater than GPT-3 with its 175 billion parameters.
Multilingual capabilitiesGPT-4 is better at understanding different languages. It can handle 25 languages in addition to English, such as French, German, and Spanish.GPT-3 has no multilingual capabilities. It cannot work with 25 languages other than English. These do not include French, German, or Spanish.
SteerabilityGPT-4 has increased “steerability,” enabling users to select different “personalities” for its responses. For instance, it can respond as a pirate, despite the unclear motivation for doing so.GPT-4 lacks “steerability,” meaning it has less control over its responses and cannot adopt different personalities as desired.
Limited Search CapacityWhile ChatGPT-4’s training data is limited to September 2021, you can tell it to search the internet using Bing for more timely answers. But this feature is still in beta and not perfect.While ChatGPT-3’s training data is also limited to September 2021, you can’t tell it to search the internet using Bing for more timely answers.
Plugins incorporationWith plugins, a beta feature, OpenAI and other developers can make ChatGPT-4 better. For example, there are plugins for finding flights expedia & kayak and getting information from PDFs like ask PDFsHas no capacity to install plugins therefore very limited workability
AccessibilityAvailable only to subscribers. There not free to access. It goes for 20 $ a month.Free of charge and anybody can access
comparison between ChatGPT-4 and ChatGPT 3.5

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In summary, ChatGPT and its latest version, ChatGPT-4, have brought significant improvements to AI Chatbots.

These updates make it easier for users to communicate with the AI and get valuable assistance, leading to improved productivity and customer satisfaction. Exciting advancements continue to redefine online interactions and workflows.

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