How to increase the speed of your website

Let’s say you have a website, and when someone opens your website it takes time to load and open and users are forced to wait for each page to load. The users may leave your site and this will lower the quality of your website.

Now let’s say you want to increase the speed of your website and make it run faster, you can read this article to the end and at the end, you will learn how to do so. At the end of this article, you will learn how to increase the speed of your website and it will run two times faster than its original speed.

Importance of increasing the speed of your website.

  • Fast website increases your SEO ranking and it will be ranked on google and you will get more traffic and thus more income.
  • Visitors will leave slow website before it loads thus you will loose revenue and potential customers or subscribers.

The process of increasing website speed includes;

  1. Check the initial speed of your website.
  2. Increase the speed of the website and make it run faster.
  3. Check out again for the final speed of the website.

How to check the initial website speed.

There are various tools to check your website speed. We recommend website speed test tool. It’s a tool by website learners. Click ( ) to get started.

This is the tool that will help us increase the speed of our website. Enter your website URL and then select the location then click TEST SPEED.

Allow it to run and you will notice that we will have the metrics of our website.

The first metric is the load time of the website, the load time indicates how long it takes for your website to completely load its contents when a visitor opens and enters your website. The recommended load time of your website should not exceed 4.8 S in all the locations.

The second metrics is the page size, this refers to the size of files and contents in your website pages including images and videos. It’s recommended that the page size should not exceed 4.5 MB.

The last metric is the requests, this shows the number of issues hindering the performance of your website. They include things like the number of plugin updates required, the number of third-party websites short codes or html codes embeded in your landing pages such as google forms or other tools.  It’s recommended that you keep the requests as low as possible. We will learn how to reduce the number of website requests below. Continue reading the article to the end.

After checking your website speed, record the metrics then let’s move forward to increasing our websites speed.

Ways to increase the speed of your website.

To increase the speed of our website, we are going to do four steps, these steps include;

Step 1: Reducing the size of the images of our website.

When someone opens your website, the website will take time to load all the images and displays them. So, if we reduce the image sizes in our website, images will load faster and our website speed will be increased

Also, if we reduce the image sizes in our website, the page size of our images will also reduce thus reducing the load time of our website. To reduce the size of the images, we will install a plugin in WordPress. The plugin will help us in reducing the size of all the images in our website.

To install the plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard and click plugins then add new then search for a plugin called WP optimize.

Click install then activate. After activating, we will have a new section called wp optimize in our menu section. Click the new. Plugin then in the top menu select images.

After that, scroll down and you will see all the images on your website. In the optimizations menu on top of the images, select the priotise maximum compression. After that scroll down to the images and click select all.

After that you select all the images, scroll down and then click compress the selected images and as soon as you click it, all the images in your website will be compressed and optimized.

Now if we go back to check the speed of our website and we compare with before. We will notice that our website speed will be reduced as compared to the previous speed.

Now to automatically reduce the size of the images in our website when we add them, go back to the dashboard and activate the option automatically compress newly added images.

After activating the option, your newly added images will automatically be compressed. That how we can reduce the size of images of in our website.

Step 2: Enabling page cache on our website

How cache works.

When a visitor visits your site, it takes time for your hosting provider to bring that information from your website to your visitors. This will course our website to take more time to load and thus lowering the speed of your website.

So, once you enable cache, a copy of your website will be stored in WordPress and when a visitor visits your website the copy of your website stored in WordPress, will be sent to your visitors instead of waiting for the hosting provider. This will increase the speed of your website.

To enable cache on our website, go to the WP optimize dashboard an and you will notice that we have the cache option (enable page catching) next to the image option at the top menu. Click it and then turn it on.

That way we would have enable page cache on our website.

Once you are done, save changes and then let’s proceed and check our website speed again in the website speed test tool.

As compared to the previous results, you can see that the speed of the website is increased and the load time is reduced from 1.8 s to 1.5 s.

Step 3. Choosing a good hosting for your website.

The hosting company of your website plays an importance role in determining the speed of your website. To understand this, first let’s see what is a hosting server.

A hosting server is the place where all your website files and pages will be stored. So, when someone opens your website, all the data from your hosting server will be given to your visitor.

So, if you have a high-performance server, your data willl load faster and your data willl reach your visitors faster. It’s there for important to choose a good hosting server which will load your website faster.

It’s very important to choose a hosting company with its servers closer to your target audience, that is, always check where the servers of the hosting company you are about to choose is.

Example: when you choose your server in urope and your visitors are in Africa, where they try to acces your website, it will take time for your hosting server to process the data and deliver to a customer in Africa thus making your website sllow.

On the other hand, if you choose your hosting server in Africa, it will take short time for the server to process thus making your website load faster.

So, make sure you select a server that is close to your visitors.

But if you have already chosen a hosting server, you can change your DNS server.

Step 4. Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN are group of servers which are available anywhere around the world. Just like your hosting server, CDN can be used to store your website data.

As we saw earlier, if your visitors are far away from your hosting server, it will take longer for your site to load. Instead of this, if you connect your website with CDN which is available anywhere around the world, a copy of your website will be stored in the CDN servers and if a visitor opens your website, your website data will be taken from the nearest CDN servers and delivered faster to the visitor which makes your site load faster. This is how CDN works.

How to connect your website to CDN servers.

We are going to connect our website to CDN servers in 3 steps.

  • Create account on Cloudflare.

Cloud flare is the site which is going to help us add our website to CDN servers. Open or visit ( ) .

Click sign up and register using your email address and a choosen pasword. After that click create account. After creating account, we can now go to step 2.

  • Connect our website to Cloudflare.

To connect our website to Cloud flare, first we need to connect our website to the account that we created. So, to add our site click add site to the top menu.

Enter your website Url and click add site. In the next window choose a plan, scroll down and choose a free plan. In the next window, click continue and reach the window below.

Now we have successfully connected our website to Cloudflare. Next, we need to add Cloudflare’s name servers to our hosting account.

So, to add the details, go to your hosting provider account and look for where there are DNS nameservers. Every hosting server has a DNS nameservers. So, search for where it is or contact your hosting provider. Since I’m using GoDaddy, I will go to DNS and then scroll down to name servers.

Next click change. Then select enter my own nameservers. We need to copy the name servers in Cloud flare copy them to your hosting account.

Copy and add the name servers and then click save. After that, go back to Cloud flare and scroll down then click Done check name servers.

Next click get started and then we need to fill the details in the next window screen. It will ask you to configure your domain settings. Click save.

After clicking save. We will configure our domain with https so turn the button in the next window on and then click save.

Click save then save again until you find a screen with the button finish.You can then click finish.

Now to check if the nameservers are changed, click click check nameservers once more and you will get a massage. Next refresh the page.

After refreshing the page, you will get a massage stating that you have successfully connected your site to Cloud flare.

If you don’t see the message immediately, you can wait for some time then check again.

Next, we now need to verify our email address, so to verify, check your registered email address inbox and verify using the link sent from Cloudflare.

We can now go to the final step which is to connect WordPress site by installing plugin.

  • Installing the Cloudflare plugin in WordPress

Go to the WordPress dashboard, click plugins, add new, then search for a plugin called Cloud flare.

Next, click install, then activate. After activating the plugin, click its settings. You can then sign in to your

Cloud flare account then in the next window. Enter your email address then click get your API key here.

After that, it will take you to your Cloudflare account. In the account, click API tokens, scroll down and then click view. Copy the key.

After copying, go back to your dashboard and click paste it into the API key area and click save the configuration.

Now we have successfully added our website to CDN servers and our website will load faster anywhere around the world. You can proceed to check your load time again.

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