The Rise of TRON and the Rebrand of Huobi Exchange: A Crypto Story of Growth and Change

The TRON blockchain, founded by Justin Sun six years ago, has recently demonstrated impressive growth. According to Nansen’s data analysis, the blockchain now handles over 4.8 million transactions daily, highlighting the increasing demand for the TRX cryptocurrency within the TRON network.

Understating and Huobi Exchange?

TRON is a blockchain platform that aims to create a decentralized internet and support smart contractsand decentralized applications.

TRON was founded by Justin Sun, who is also the CEO of BitTorrent and the leader of Huobi Exchange.

Huobi Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading, lending, and staking services for various digital assets.

Huobi Exchange was founded in China in 2013, but later moved its headquarters to Singapore due to regulatory issues.

Huobi Exchange is one of the largest and most influential exchanges in the crypto world, with over 10 million users and over $100 billion in trading volume per month.

TRON and Huobi Exchange have a close relationship, as Justin Sun is involved in both projects.

Huobi Exchange Rebrands as HTX

In an unexpected move, the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, guided by Justin Sun, has undergone a significant rebranding effort, adopting the new identity of HTX.

This announcement, made on September 13, has sparked discussions and speculation within the cryptocurrency community, with some noting similarities to the now-defunct FTX exchange.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have quickly observed the resemblance between Huobi’s new name, HTX, and the defunct FTX exchange.

This intriguing similarity has become a topic of discussion within the crypto sphere, raising questions about the inspiration behind Huobi’s rebranding decision.

TRX Cryptocurrency’s Surge

Shifting our focus to the TRX cryptocurrency’s performance, it has experienced a modest 1.16% increase in value over the past 24 hours.

Currently priced at $0.084, TRX reflects a positive sentiment in the market, supported by robust trading activity amounting to $196.47 million within the preceding 24-hour period.

Market analysts are closely monitoring TRX’s price dynamics, particularly its ability to sustain a value above $0.082. Should TRX maintain this threshold, further market value gains are anticipated.

However, a potential drop below this critical level could trigger a descent to the $0.080 mark, adding an element of uncertainty to TRX’s short-term trajectory.


In summary, the TRON blockchain, conceived by Justin Sun, is experiencing substantial growth, handling over 4.8 million daily transactions.

This growth reflects the increasing demand for the TRX cryptocurrency within the TRON ecosystem.

Simultaneously, the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, under Justin Sun’s leadership, has undergone a notable rebranding as HTX, drawing attention and discussions within the cryptocurrency community due to its perceived similarities to the now-defunct FTX exchange.

Furthermore, the TRX cryptocurrency’s recent uptick in value, coupled with substantial trading volume, adds to the evolving nature of the cryptocurrency landscape.

As attention remains fixed on TRX’s ability to sustain its current value, these developments highlight the constant growth and transformation within the dynamic crypto realm.


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