Microsoft Outlook Free Download – 2024 Latest Version

Using Microsoft Outlook 2021, you can expect increased productivity and efficiency at work. Compared to Outlook 2019, the 2021 version offers enhanced performance and more advanced features.

The software provides several benefits, such as stability improvements and user interface upgrades. Even if you’re used to the 2016 or 2019  version, you’ll find the 2021 model to be more refined and modern.

Microsoft Outlook 2021
Microsoft Outlook 2021

Microsoft Outlook 2021 (Pre-Activated) activation License Keycode is a lifetime valid license, Complete program of Free Microsoft Outlook 2021 bit versions, 24/7 Free Customer care support.


Size: 4.9GB
Version: Version: 2021
Published: May 6, 2024

Software Information

  • Publisher | Manufacturer | Developer: Microsoft
  • License: Pre-activated
  • License Type: Permanent License – Perpetual – No subscription required. Fully Installed Desktop Application. No internet access required for use.
  • Validity: Lifetime | No Subscription Fee | No Annual Cost | No Monthly Charges | No Expiry |

Outlook 2021 Minimum System Requirements:

  • CPU 1.1 gigahertz or better 2 Core
  • Memory 4GB
  • Hard disk 4GB
  • Display 1280 x 768 +
  • Graphics DirectX 9
  • Operating system Windows 10 / 11 / Windows Server 2019 / 2022 / Windows LTSC 2019 / 2022 (All Editions|Versions)

Features Of Outlook 2021

¡》Focused Inbox

It’s natural to expect that Microsoft Outlook 2021 comes with enhanced capabilities, improved outcomes, and better performance. A key feature is the Focused Inbox, allowing you to concentrate only on emails that matter to you.

This feature reduces inbox clutter, neatly sorting your emails into two tabs: Focused and Other. Important and business-related emails go to the Focused tab, while personal or less significant ones are filed under Other. Both categories are easily accessible, but the separation helps keep things organized. Note that to use this feature, you need a Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 (email) account.

¡¡》Read Aloud

Imagine having your emails read to you while you multitask. Outlook 2021 makes this possible with the Read Aloud feature. Once activated, the system will read your emails aloud, freeing you from having to do it yourself. All you need to do is turn on your speaker and adjust the volume.

¡¡¡》Meeting Plan

Outlook is designed for productivity and teamwork, and the Meeting Plan feature helps you organize and track meetings effortlessly. You can send meeting requests and follow up on responses, even if you’re not the meeting organizer. This feature also allows you to set locations, assign meeting assistants, and add attachments, making it easy to create detailed meeting plans.

¡v》SVG Inclusion

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a feature that lets you add visually appealing graphics to your documents, such as presentations, files, or worksheets. These graphics bring a unique and creative touch, allowing your content to stand out.


Outlook 2021 offers more new features, including email reminders, advanced email sorting, and time zone scheduling. With all these options, why not give it a try? Click the link Above to download Microsoft Outlook 2021 for Windows.


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