How to Claim Your Share of the LayerZero Airdrop in 2024

The LayerZero Airdrop is one of the most anticipated airdrop in the crypto space in 2024. LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol that connects different blockchains and enables cross-chain communication.

LayerZero has raised over $170 million from top investors and partnered with leading protocols such as Uniswap, Radiant Capital, Stargate, and more.

LayerZero has confirmed that they will launch their own token, ZRO, in the first half of 2024. The ZRO token will be used for governance, staking, and paying fees on the LayerZero network. LayerZero plans to distribute a portion of the ZRO tokens to the users who have interacted with their ecosystem in various ways.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the LayerZero Airdrop, including the launch date, eligibility criteria, and steps to claim your ZRO tokens.

When is the launch LayerZero Airdrop?

The exact date of the LayerZero Airdrop has not been announced yet, but the team has stated that it will happen sometime in the first half of 2023. The team will reveal more details about the airdrop as the launch date approaches. You can stay updated by following LayerZero on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Nevertheless, the team has successfully obtained a significant capital infusion through overall funding, resulting in a valuation in the billions of dollars. Backing comes from prominent entities including PayPal, Andreessen Horowitz, OpenSea, and 30 other recognized investors.

Consequently, community speculation is rife that the LayerZero team might introduce its native token and extend an airdrop gesture to early adopters as a form of gratitude.

Purely speculative: Our assessment of the likelihood of the LayerZero airdrop stands at 88%.

Nonetheless, key details like the timeframe, eligibility criteria, and distribution, typical in many airdrops, remain speculative due to the absence of official confirmation from the LayerZero team.

Steps to qualify for the potential LayerZero Airdrop

Who is Eligible for the LayerZero Airdrop?

The LayerZero Airdrop is not guaranteed for everyone, but there are some actions you can take to increase your chances of receiving ZRO tokens.

The team has hinted that the airdrop will be based on the level of interaction with the LayerZero ecosystem, which includes using their bridges, DEXes, and lending protocols.

Some of the possible ways to qualify for the LayerZero Airdrop are:

  • Bridge assets to and from Aptos using the LayerZero X Aptos Bridge.
  • Bridge Bitcoin to and from Ethereum using the LayerZero Bitcoin Bridge.
  • Bridge assets to and from Solana using the LayerZero Stargate Bridge.
  • Swap tokens on Uniswap V3 using the LayerZero Uniswap Bridge.
  • Swap tokens on Trader Joe using the LayerZero Trader Joe Bridge.
  • Lend and borrow assets on Radiant Capital using the LayerZero Radiant Bridge.
  • Swap tokens on Hashflow using the LayerZero Hashflow Bridge.
  • Hold or stake STG tokens on Stargate

These are not the only ways to be eligible for the LayerZero Airdrop, as the team may add more criteria or change them before the launch. Therefore, it is advisable to use as many LayerZero-powered protocols as possible and diversify your activities.

Steps to qualify for the potential LayerZero Airdrop

LayerZero keeps growing, and it’s vital to get involved in platforms using its tech. Airdrops often reward active users. Here are steps and platforms integrating LayerZero tech.

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps that you can embrace to make sure that you’re prepared for this airdrop:

  • Stake $STG token
  • Vote on Stargate finance protocol
  • Use Stargate bridge
  • Use Cross-chain swap on sushi
  • Use the USDC LayerZero Bridge
  • Use liquid swap bridge
  • Join the LayerZero Discord Server

These steps are designed because LayerZero aims to appreciate active users. The more engaged you are in the community, the better your chances of winning an airdrop.

For a detailed explanation of each step, keep reading.

Note: You’ll need a MetaMask wallet with some ETH to interact with various LayerZero protocols.

1) Stake the $STG token in your wallet

Start by obtaining $STG, the governance token for StarGate finance. For cost efficiency, purchase $STG on a decentralized exchange with a low-cost network such as BSC or Arbitrum, rather than Ethereum.

Once you have the $STG token, visit, and link your MetaMask wallet on the site to stake your newly acquired tokens.

  • On the stake panel, select your preferred amount and set the stake duration to 1 month.
  • Proceed to complete the setup.

For a visual guide through the staking process, refer to the provided screenshot.

take $STG | Screenshot via Stargate Finance

2) Vote on Stargate finance protocol

Once you’ve staked the $STG token, you can participate in voting on the Stargate DAO proposal snapshot. Visit the snapshot proposal, choose any active proposal of interest, read through it, and then cast your vote.

Note: Your vote doesn’t need to be specific; participation in the voting process is what matters.

Vote STG Protocols | Screenshot via

3) Use the Stargate bridge

  • Visit the Stargate Finance website and click on the “Transfer” option in the menu.
  • Utilize the Stargate Bridge, an official LayerZero bridge.
  • Transfer any token between two chains. For cost efficiency, consider transferring from Ethereum to Arbitrum to minimize gas fees.

Refer to the provided screenshot for a step-by-step guide through the bridging process.

4) Use Cross-chain swap on Sushi x

Sushi Swap, a cross-chain platform leveraging LayerZero technology, enables token swapping between multiple chains.

To begin, go to, choose the chains for token swapping, and follow the process.

For a visual guide through the swapping process, refer to the provided screenshot

Screenshot via

5) Use the USDC LayerZero Bridge

As of now, the USDC BRIDGE by LayerZero is in the testnet phase. The USDC demo is deprecated until the mainnet launch. After the mainnet launch, you can request testnet USDC and testnet Ethereum by connecting your wallet to the site and clicking on Faucet USDC or Faucet ETH for free testnet tokens.

Please note that the Faucet USDC and Faucet ETH options are located just below the connect button.

Refer to the provided screenshot for a visual guide through the process once the mainnet is live.

Note: The Faucet USDC and Faucet ETH options are just below the connect button.

Here’s a screenshot of the process:

USDC-Cricle-LayerZero | Screenshot via

6) Use liquid swap bridge

To use the LiquidSwap bridge, set up the Pontem wallet for Aptos by connecting it with your Metamask wallet on the “Liquidswap Bridge by LayerZero & Pontem” site.

Once prepared, follow these steps for the swap:

  • In the bridges section, connect wallets for both networks.
  • Choose the token to be bridged and received.
  • Enter the token amount.
  • Click ‘Transfer’ to send your coins to the bridge.
  • After a while, return to LiquidSwap and TheAptosBridge to use the ‘Claim’ feature for your bridged tokens.

For efficiency, consider bridging WETH between Arbitrum and Aptos.

Refer to the provided screenshot for a visual guide through the process.

iquid-swap | Screenshot via

7) Join the LayerZero Discord Server

Community engagement is crucial for many new crypto initiatives, and joining LayerZero’s Discord server is key. It not only keeps you informed about the latest protocol changes but also enhances your chances of participating in token airdrops.

Being an actively engaged member in the ecosystem is vital. You can join the official Layerzero Discord server using this link: [Layerzero Discord Server].

Tips to maximize your chance to win the airdrop

  1. Enlist Multiple Wallets: Maximize airdrop returns by using different wallets. Keep them separate on-chain, use a VPN for IP anonymity, and avoid IP-based identifying techniques to prevent potential issues.
  • Maintain Consistent Transactions: To positively impact your status, stay actively involved. Completing just one transaction and disengaging may hinder your standing. Consistent participation in the ecosystem is essential.
  • Prioritize Community Participation: Stay updated on planned airdrops by participating in the community. Follow reputable crypto news websites, social media accounts, and online communities to remain informed.
  • Diversify Airdrop Participation: Spread your participation across various airdrops. Avoid putting all your efforts into one, increasing your chances of receiving potential rewards.


The LayerZero Airdrop is a great opportunity to get exposure to one of the most innovative and promising projects in the crypto space. LayerZero is building a universal interoperability layer that connects different blockchains and enables seamless cross-chain transactions. LayerZero has a strong team, a large community, and a growing ecosystem of partners and protocols.

If you want to be part of the LayerZero Airdrop, you should start using the LayerZero-powered protocols as soon as possible and follow their updates on social media. You may also want to verify your identity and wallet address using Gitcoin Passport, which can increase your chances of being considered for the airdrop.

Don’t miss this chance to claim your share of the LayerZero Airdrop in 2024!.

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