Adobe After Effects 2024 Free Download (Pre-activated & Cracked version)

Hi! Are you an animator or interested in learning how to make animation? We can guide you on the best software for creating animation and motion graphics.

Today, we recommend Adobe After Effects, specifically the 2024 version.

Why pick Adobe After Effects? It has many benefits, and the 2024 version comes with new features. We’ll discuss those updates later.


FREE Adobe After Effects 2024 Pre-Activated for Lifetime, Both windows 64 bit versions, 24/7 Free Customer care support.


Size: 4.2GB
Version: After Effects 2024
Published: February 29, 2024

Note: ZIP Password 123

Software Information

Name: Adobe After Effects CC 2022

Author: Adobe Creative Cloud

Architecture: 64 BIT

Version: 22.0

Language: English (multilanguage)

Size: 2.12 GB

Latest Version


November 24, 2023




File Size
3.30 GB


free (activated)

System Requirements to install Adobe After Effects CC 2022:

  • CPU: Processor with at least 8 cores, either Intel or AMD.
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR4, recommended 32 GB at, 3200Mhz.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 or Microsoft Windows 11.
  • (64-bit versions only, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 not supported).
  • Screen: Minimum 1920 × 1080p (Full HD).
  • Storage: 15 GB of available space for installation, SSD or M.2 drives recommended
  • GPU: 2 GB VRAM preferably 4 GB VRAM, DirectX 12 support.
  • Postscript: you need a powerful pc to get the most out of it.

Before we talk about the new features in Adobe After Effects 2024, it’s important to mention that Adobe also has another software for creating animations—Adobe Animate.

So, what sets Adobe After Effects apart from Adobe Animate? While they share some similarities, they serve different purposes. Here’s a quick rundown of their differences:

  • Adobe After Effects is designed for creating motion graphics, while Adobe Animate is geared toward making animated cartoons with narration.
  • If you want to create hand-drawn animations, Adobe Animate is a better choice compared to Adobe After Effects.
  • Adobe After Effects is ideal for creating visual effects, whereas Adobe Animate doesn’t focus on visual effects.
  • Both programs can create puppet animations, but Adobe Animate offers more advanced features for this, while Adobe After Effects has some limitations.

With these differences in mind, you can decide when to use Adobe After Effects and when Adobe Animate might be more suitable.

Let’s discuss the updates in Adobe After Effects 2024, which was released in February 2024. What are the new features and changes in this version?

¡》Support for Importing OBJ 3D Models

Now, creating animations in Adobe After Effects is easier because the software supports importing 3D models in the OBJ format. OBJ files are commonly used for storing geometric 3D models and are often used in CAD, information exchange, and other similar applications. Other file formats supported by Adobe After Effects 2024 include GLTF, GLB, and MTL (material files).

¡¡》Motion Graphics Template Preview Thumbnails

Adobe After Effects 2024 adds a video preview checkbox when exporting animations or motion graphics. If you select this option, you will see a video thumbnail preview of the exported template, which can be viewed in Adobe Premiere Pro.

¡¡¡》Recommendation to Use EXR Files for Environmental Lighting

Adobe After Effects 2024 now supports .exr files, allowing users to apply realistic lighting and shadows to their animations. This format is popular for environmental lighting and high-dynamic-range imaging.

Additionally, you can download Adobe After Effects 2024 for free. Adobe After Effects is a product of Adobe Systems, primarily used for creating animation and motion graphics. Although it has similarities to Adobe Animate, the types of animations each software can create are different, making them complementary tools.


Those are the key updates in Adobe After Effects 2024, including support for OBJ and EXR files, and the new Motion Graphics preview feature. If you’re interested in trying the software, you can download it for Windows through the provided link.


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