Top 10 Mind-blowing free Artificial intelligence tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on creating computer systems and machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence.

In simple terms, AI is like teaching computers to think and learn like humans, enabling them to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence.

Top 10 artificial intelligence tools.

following are the top 10 Artificial intelligence tools you need to know about.

  1. Descript.

Descrip is a software tool that converts your texts into audio.

How to use Descript software.

So to use this tool, first you have to download the software. To download the sotware by clicking here. Then click download the descript app button and the download will start.

After the download has completed, open the software and click create a new project at the top right conner of the software interface.

In the next page, enter your text. The text that you need to convert to audio. You can copy paste your texts into the descript editor or choose to type the texts manually.

After that, choose the speaker and and select any of the top voices according to your preference.

Now if you play the audio from the player at the bottom of the page, you will notice that your audio has been created. You can also record your own voice and use it as the audio.

You can download your audio by clicking Publish at the top right corner then choose export.

NOTE: Descript has many other impotant uses such as,

  • Screen recording
  • Generating subtitles

2. D-ID

Do you know that you can create amazing realistic videos using your image or any other image?. The answer is YES.  D-ID can turn an images into realistic videos. And the most interesting part is that you can even use Ai presentersito create any videos you want.

How to create videos using images and AI presenters.

To use D-ID click here , then create an account on D-ID , after that click create video, select your presenter that you like .

You will then add your text in the text editor. Those are the words that your presenter will be saying. You can copy and paste or just type in the texts manually.

You can also select,  the language that you want your presenter to speak, The style and the vocals. Once you do that you can generate the voice by clicking generate video at the top right conner and your video will be generated. Click the download button to download the video.

You can also use your own image by clicking on the ADD button at the place where you choose your presenter and choose your image.

Note that you can even use your own image and your own audio by dragging the audio where you write your transcript.

3. Voice.Ai

Now let me tell you about a very interesting tool, what if i tell you that you can change your voice to sound like any celebrity you want, you can even sound like Barrack Obama and make everyone go crazy, will you believe?. Yes! Voice.aienables  you to change your voice and sound like anyone you like.

How to change and convert your voice to sound like anyone using

To use Voice.Ai,  click here to download the software into your computer. Click download. Whrn the download is complete,  open the software and you will see different celebrity voices you can use.

Click on the voices to preview each voice.

After selecting a voice, you will be propted to use credit points to train the voice. Click TRAIN once its done you will be taken to a screen where you can uplaod your phone audio or record your voice. Use the two microphones to record or upload your audio. After that you can play the audio from the player at the bottom of the page.

You can then save your video through the save button and use it for any purpose.

4. Video Background (B.G) Remover.

Now let’s say you have recorded a video without green screen and you still want to remove the background of the video, with Video BG Remover , you can easily remove the background of any video and without using Greenscreen.

How to change the backround of a video.

To start using Video BG Remover,  click Here.

Then create your account. After creating your account,  click the upload video or drag and drop your video file.

Immediately after uploading you video, you will notice that the background will be removed. In the side bar, you will see various images that you can choose from to change your video Background,  you can also upload your own image through the upload button.

After changing the background,  you can then download your video.

5. Adobe Podcast.

Adobe podcast helps in removing all the noise from your audio and it will make it sound like it was recorded in a professional studio.

How to remove background noise from a audio.

To use adobe podcast, click here,  this takes you tho the homescreen. In the homescreen, choose enhance speech.

 After that,  choose your audio file which has a lot of noise and immediately you upload your audio, the background noise will be removed from the video. You can then download your audio.

Note: With Adobe Podcast free version, you can only upload a video of upto 100mbs. If you want to upload a video of more than 100mbs you will need to subscribe.

6. Chat GPT.

As you all know, Chat GPT is an Ai program that understands and responds to all our queries. Also chat GPT has more than 100 million users on the Internet.

We have a complete chat GPT course for free, click here to register for FREE.

Chat GPT was developed by a company called openAI to easen your searches.

To get the most out of chat GPT, you need to understand the chat GPT prompts for businesses.  Chat GPT can write scripts for a youtube channel, generate blogposts and even solve mathematical problems.

How to use chat GPT prompt to develop posts.

To start using chat GPT click here, you can then type your query down and chat GPT will generate a faster response for you.

IMPOTANT TIP.  Here is an example of a Chat GPT prompt for generating a blogpost.

Tell ChatGPT that,

I want you to act as a content writer anda SEO expert. You’ll use a clear human tone to write a lengthy blog article for me.

Here is what I need you to focus on when writing,  you’ll use rankmath algorithm to optimize the article, Your Keyword is…………………………………..( write the keyword).

In the article,  the keyword should appear up to 20 times in both the heading, and subheadings. Distribute the keyword evenly throughout the content.

You’ll create a title for the content with a very powerful, positive or negative Sentiment. The keyword must be included in the title.

Do you have any Questions?.

To learn how to generate more ChatGPT prompts like this you can watch this video.

To know more chatGPT  take This  Free ChatGPT course. Click here to register.


Have you ever taken a photo with something in the background that you wish it wasnt there,

Well, with,  you can easily remove unwanted objects from your photo without interfering with your photo.

How to remove unwanted objects from your photo.

To remove objects from your photo, lets go to by clicking here,  after that,  Upload your picture and use the brush icon to remove any unwanted objects from the photo. You can then download your photo again.

8. Runway.

Apart from removing unwanted objects from photos, Have you wondered how to remove unwanted objects from a video?. Yes, the runway tool helps in removing the unwanted objects from a video with a single click.

And apart from that,  this software have 30 plus AI magic tools like real time video rating and collaboration.

How to remove unwanted Objects from a video.

To use runway software tool , click here and then create your account. After creating your account, click ai magic tools and you will free numerous tools available in the software.

One of our favourite tool is impainting. This tool allows you to remove any object or people from your video

So just click it and upload you video. After uploading your video, drag and drop your video to the player. You can then paint the object or person you want to remove and it will be removed from the video .

You can then proceed to import your video in any quality that you choose.

Your video will be downloaded with all the changes and the quality will not be lost.

9. Midjourney.

Have you ever thought of changing your image into an AI image or converting your texts into AI arts .

Midjourney allows you to do all this things in one place.

How to change your image and texts to AI arts.

To get started with midjourney, click here and all you have to do first is to sign into midjourney. After signing in, scroll down to newbies channel.

After that, type /imagine in the text area. You will then be takan to a new page where you will enter your text description ( the keywords of what type of AI image you want to generate).

You can also uploa your image and convert it to AI image like this.

Note: With the trial version of midjourney, you can download upto 25 of AI images.


Let’s say that you have a script about a video written but you are struggling to create a video, well dont worry as got you covered. 

Pictory is a tool that converts your video into a high quality video un just minutes. After that you can upload your videos to your YouTube channel or to your course videos.

How to convert your scripts to a Video.

To get started with, click here. Then click getstarted for free. And choose the free plan ext enter your text or script that you need to turn into a video then click proceed.

Your script text will be converted to a video and you can se different previews of the videos.

Choose your favourite and download your video.

 video will be created using AI visuals. You can slso upload your own visuals using the upload button.

To make your video interesting Go to audio options where you can add music or AI vocals to your videos. You can also upload your own audio.

Note: With the free version of you can upload upto 3 videos.

In the world of Artificial Intelligence, access to powerful and versatile tools is essential for innovation and progress.

The year 2023 has ushered in a new era of AI capabilities, and the availability of free, high-quality AI tools has democratized the field.

As we conclude our exploration of the top 10 mind-blowing free AI tools you need in 2023, it’s clear that the landscape of AI development and research has never been more exciting.

However, it’s important to remember that the AI field is dynamic and constantly evolving. New tools and advancements are emerging at a rapid pace. As you dive into the world of AI, staying up-to-date with the latest developments, libraries, and best practices is crucial. Additionally, ethical considerations, such as responsible AI development and data privacy, should always be at the forefront of your work.

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