Poultry Farming & Business Complete Master Course

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About Course

Are you looking to set up your own poultry farming business? This agriculture course explains how poultry farming works and provides all the information and skills you need to get your business up and running.

We take you through each step, from setting up the appropriate housing conditions for chickens to ensuring that the best possible eggs are produced.

This course focuses on the UK but its principles can be applied anyway to farm birds anywhere Around the world.

Do you want to find the latest information on the poultry farming industry? Are you keen on starting your own poultry farming venture? If so, this course is designed just for you. We provide all the relevant information needed to turn your business plans into reality. We begin by identifying the different types of chicken breeds that can be bred on a poultry farm before discussing their nutritional needs. We explain how to identify and prevent avian diseases that can affect your poultry.

The course then lays out the basics of duck and turkey farming, starting with their housing and breeding requirements. We go over the incubation and brooding aspects of poultry farming to help you create the best conditions for it to prosper. Our overview of the housing and environmental aspects of poultry farming explains how to keep your flock healthy and safe. This includes pest control methods used to protect workers and birds on your farm.

No business venture can be considered without understanding its economic aspect. We explore the marketing and accounting side of the poultry farming business and examine some relevant UK legislation. Poultry farming is a thriving industry in the UK and around the globe so enrol in this course to understand its dynamics and make your dreams real.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Outline important facts about the UK poultry industry and various poultry breeds and types
  • Explain how to meet the nutritional needs of chickens
  • Describe the diseases that can affect chickens and the vaccines available to prevent them
  • Analyse the various housing systems and broilers used to ensure high-quality chicken egg production
  • Discuss the different requirements for the farming of ducks and turkeys
  • Explain the different methods and processes involved in the incubation of eggs in poultry farming
  • Describe the process of brooding chicks once eggs have hatched
  • Identify the key requirements of housing chickens and managing the environment to ensure their safety
  • Analyse the business aspects associated with the accounting and marketing of a poultry farm
  • Highlight methods available to control the impact of pests on your farm.

Course Content


  • Introduction to Poultry Farming Learning Outcomes
  • Basics of Poultry Farming
  • Poultry Nutrition
  • Poultry Diseases
  • Protection Through Vaccinations
  • Layer Poultry Farming
  • Broilers in Poultry Farming
  • Duck Farming
  • Introduction to Poultry Farming to Paultry Farming Quizzes
  • Introduction to Poultry Farming Lessons Summary


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