Java Programming complete master class From Beginner to Advanced Course

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About Course

This course teaches the fundamentals of Java programming language to the advanced level.

We’ll get started with the basics of Java programming

Explaining the concept of a program Installation and how to set it.

Writing your first Java program.

Exploring how Variables work.

Error management etc.

After we’re done with the basics we’ll then proceed to learn things like:
Conditional statements




Exception Handling

Switch Statements etc.

Next, we’ll dive into Object-oriented programming where we’ll start with:
Understanding the concept of Object-Oriented Programming

Explain classes and Objects





Super keyword etc.

Then we will learn how to create desktop applications using the Java Swing library here we will learn about:



Text Fields

Handling events

Checkboxes etc.

Finally, in the final part of the course, we’ll implement a full 2D working game, but before we implement that, we will learn:
How to Draw 2D objects on the screen

How to Animate 2D Objects on screen

How to move 2D objects on-screen etc.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Basics of programming such as variables, Functions, and others.
  • Understand Object-Oriented Programming and how to use it in building complex programs.
  • Know how to solve complex programming problems, by breaking them into smaller units.
  • Create desktop applications.
  • Create a Full 2D working Game.

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