Front-end Web development, complete HTML, CSS & JavaScript complete course

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About Course

This course teaches how to start your web development career with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  Learn how to create professional websites using the three most renowned tools to namely; HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

A complete comprehensive course covering the core foundations of the web.

Source Code and examples are included to get you started quickly.  Links to top resources and more all available in one massive course.

How the internet works :

  • Learn about DNS names and IP address
  • What makes a website and how does your browser know what to show you.
  • Coding languages HTML CSS JavaScript
  • Web development and what its all about
  • Terms like frontend and backend code
  • Hosting, Browsers, FTP +++
  • Developer tools and resources
  • Tips for web developers

HTML building the code for websites :

  • Understanding HTML foundations
  • Different Types of tags
  • Creating an HTML boilerplate template
  • HTML formatting tags
  • Tags Elements Attributes >
  • Resources to Learn more about HTM
  • HTML Headings
  • Content separation and Common tags
  • Commenting
  • Preformatted text
  • HTML entities ASCii characters
  • Markup Formatting HTML Markup
  • Hyperlinks connecting the pages
  • Using Images Images styling
  • Lists unordered and ordered
  • Nested Lists inside lists, List styles, List options, Description Lists
  • Tables row cells table head and body
  • HTML Forms with input and methods labels and more
  • HTML5 Input HTML5 Types color, date, email, month, number, range, search, tel, time, url, week
  • Input type images upload
  • HTML5 Semantic elements for building structure
  • How iFrames work and can be added to HTML

CSS for presentation

  • What is CSS
  • How to add styling to HTML elements
  • CSS defined what it does in Web development
  • Websites with CSS vs without CSS
  • Containers grouping content spans and divs
  • Selects getting the right element
  • Adding CSS to code
  • CSS color options palette fonts and backgrounds
  • Borders Margins Padding – Box model
  • Text and fonts CSS
  • tables and lists with CSS
  • Element Display and positioning
  • Building a navbar
  • Advanced CSS selectors
  • Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements
  • Media Queries

JavaScript Fundamentals

  • What is JavaScript
  • Writing JavaScript is code and what it does
  • Adding JavaScript to your web page
  • Developer console log
  • JavaScript data type
  • What variables are and how they are used
  • Operators for applying logic to code
  • Arrays and objects to hold data
  • Conditionals with logic
  • Loops for while and do
  • JavaScript functions at the heart of JavaScript
  • More Built in functions methods

JavaScript Document Object Model

  • What is the DOM and how it works
  • Updating and manipulating elements
  • Selecting multiple elements
  • Page event listeners
  • Click events
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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand HTML and its syntax
  • Understand CSS and its syntax
  • Understand the basics of Javascript programming language and how to use it in web development
  • How to work with APIs and Integrations
  • How to build amazing websites from scratch and many more.

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