Diploma In Software Engineering & Testing: Build Better Software

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About Course

This is the first-ever comprehensive Software Engineering course that covers almost everything that anyone aspiring to learn and progress in the Software field can take up and become as proficient as someone with nearly 10+ years of experience. This course is the gist of my entire decades of experience crafted in 14+ hours of content. Whatever I learned during my career concerning the real-world software Engineering I have included in this course. No boasting at all, Look at the course curriculum you will get the idea. In these 14 + Hours we are going to learn all the below concepts from scratch with a Real-life Case Study


  • What is Software
  • What is Engineering
  • What is Software Engineering
  • Why Software Engineering is Important and worth learning for

Software Development

  • What is Software Development
  • What is Project Management in software engineering
  • How do software project ideas emerge?
  • After the Project Idea is finalized what all things happen?
  • Standards and Certifications of Service based companies should follow during software engineering

Types of Software Development

  • Introduction to Types of Software Development
  • Front End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • API Development
  • Data Science
  • Mobile Development
  • Desktop Development
  • Cloud Computing Development
  • Full Stack development
  • Video game development
  • Embedded System Development
  • Progressive web app development
  • Open source development
  • E-commerce App development
  • Enterprise App Development
  • Database Development
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning development
  • How all these software development can be used in a real-life Case Study
  • Analysis of Case Study

Software Development Life Cycle SDLC

  • What is the SDLC Software Development Life Cycle

SDLC – Analysis and Planning Phase of SDLC

  • Analysis and Planning Phase of SDLC
  • Challenges of Analysis and Planning Phase of SDLC
  • Sample SDLC Process Timeline and Schedule
  • How the Budget estimation will be done
  • SOW Scope of Work or Statment of Work Overview
  • SOW Sample Template

Software Project Cost Estimation

  • Bottom Up Estimation
  • Top Down Estimation
  • Three-point estimation
  • Analogous Estimation
  • Parametric Estimation:

SDLC – Requirement Gathering Phase

  • Introduction
  • Requirement Gathering Phase of SDLC
  • Challenges of the Requirement Phase of SDLC
  • SRS document
  • Tools/Software Used in Requirement Gathering
  • Difference between Analysis and planning vs. Requirement gathering

UML Needed for SDLC

  • Introduction to UML
  • Why UML
  • What is UML
  • type of UML Diagram
  • Class Diagram
  • Sample Class Diagram Demonstration
  • Object Diagram
  • Sample Object Diagram
  • Component Diagram
  • Sample Component Diagram
  • Deployment Diagram
  • Sample Deployment Diagram
  • Package Diagram
  • Sample Package Diagram
  • Composite Structure Diagram
  • Sample Composite Structure Diagram
  • Profile Diagram
  • Sample Profile Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram
  • Sample Use Case Diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Sample Activity Diagram
  • State Machine Diagrams final
  • Sample State Machine Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram
  • Sample Sequence Diagram
  • Communication Diagrams
  • Sample Communication Diagram
  • Timing Diagram
  • Sample Timing Diagram
  • Interaction Overview Diagram
  • Sample Interaction Overview Diagram
  • Diagrams

SDLC Design and Prototyping of SDLC

  • Introduction
  • Design and Prototyping of SDLC Phase
  • Why Design and prototyping is so important in SDLC Process
  • Challenge of Design and Prototyping Phase in SDLC Process
  • High-level diagrams
  • Data Flow Diagram
  • Low-Level Diagram
  • UI UX
  • Wireframe Diagram
  • High Fidelity and Low Fidelity Diagram
  • Database Schema Design Diagram

Software Design and Architecture

  • Introduction
  • Software Architecture
  • Architecture Patterns
  • Monolithic Architecture
  • Layered Architecture
  • Tiered Architecture
  • Microservices architecture
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Event-Driven Architecture
  • Software Design
  • Software Design Principle- SOLID principle
  • Other software design principles
  • Design Patterns
  • 4+1 Architectural View

Version Control System

  • What is a Version Control System
  • Source Code Management
  • Git Branching Strategies
  • Software application versioning
  • Application Environments

SDLC- Development or Implementation Phase

  • Development or Implementation Phase
  • Challenges of the Development Phase
  • Code Coverage
  • Developers Manual
  • Synchronous code and Asynchronous code
  • Language vs Framework

Testing in the SDLC process

  • Introduction
  • Testing Phase of SDLC
  • Challenges of the Testing Phase in the SDLC Process
  • Testing Methods
  • Testing Levels

Types of Testing

  • Functional Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Non-functional Testing
  • QA Testing
  • API Testing
  • AB Testing
  • Globalization Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Automation Testing

Deployment phase of SDLC

  • Deployment Phase in SDLC
  • Challenges of the Deployment Process in SDLC Process
  • Request for Change(RFC) Process
  • PGLS
  • Retrofit/Hotfix

Maintenance Phase of SDLC

  • Business As Usual(BAU)
  • Maintenance Phase in SDLC
  • Challenges of the Maintenance Phase in the SDLC Process
  • System Improvement Program
  • Support Process: Raise Issue, Ticket and SLAs
  • Keep It Current Process
  • Support Teams Structure

Disaster Planning

  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Difference between Disaster planning and BCP

Secure Software Development Life Cycle SSDLC

  • What is SSDLC
  • Principles of Information Security
  • Risk Threat and Vulnerability
  • Principles of Protections
  • Practices of SSDLC
  • OWASP Open World Application Security Project

SDLC Models used in SDLC

  • Waterfall Model
  • What is the Waterfall Model of SDLC
  • When and Where to Use Waterfall Model
  • Pros and Cons of Using the Waterfall Model

Incremental Model

  • What is the Incremental Model of SDLC
  • When and where to use the Incremental Model
  • Pros and Cons of the Incremental Model

Iterative Model

  • What is an iterative Model of SDLC
  • When and Where to Use Iterative Model
  • Pros and Cons of Using the Iterative Model

V model

  • What is the V model of SDLC
  • When and Where V model
  • Pros and Cons of the V model

Spiral Model

  • What is the Spiral Model
  • When and Where Spiral Model
  • Pros and Cons of Spiral Model

Agile Model

  • Traditional vs. Agile Model
  • What is the Agile Model of SDLC
  • When and Where Agile Model
  • Pros and Cons of the Agile Model

Agile Manifesto

Agile Principles

Key Agile Concepts

Minimum Viable Product

User Stories

Burndown chart

Agile Methodologies

SCRUM – Agile Methodology

KANBAN – Agile Methodology

Extreme Programming – Agile Methodology

Lean Methodology – Agile Methodology

Crystal Agile Methodology – Agile Methodology

Feature-Driven Development (FDD) – Agile Methodology

Rapid Application Development (RAD) – Agile Methodology

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) – Agile Methodology

All these things we will learn via the Real Life examples and case studies. All of the above things are covered in just over 14+ hours of high-quality content. This is equivalent to a book with more than a thousand pages! in a very clear and concise manner doesn’t waste a single minute of your precious time!

You’re not going to get this information in One Place Anywhere over the Web.

And on top of all these, you’ll get:

Closed-captions generated by a human, not a computer! Currently, only the first few sections have closed captions but new captions are being added every week.

Offline access: if you are traveling or have a slow connection, you can download the videos and watch them offline.

Downloadable resource PDFS

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What Will You Learn?

  • Software Engineering ,SDLC , SDLC Phases
  • SDLC Models like Waterfall, Iterative, Incremental, Spiral, V Model, Agile etc
  • SSDLC - Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • All the Key Agile Concepts
  • Software Engineering Industry Best Practices
  • Software Engineering Methods, tools , strategies, Principles, Guidelines everything

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