Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology

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About Course

This course covers human anatomy and lays out the physiology of the cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive, skeletal and nervous systems, among others.

We explore the amazing inner workings of the body, which is a complex collection of interacting systems that carry out the important functions that let you move, think, feel and live.

This course suits anyone interested in studying medicine or who simply wants to understand how bodies work.

What Will You Learn?

  • Explain the transmission of neural impulses
  • Outline the structure and functions of the respiratory system, sensory organs and skeleton
  • Describe the structure and functions of blood and blood vessels, the heart, the digestive, muscular & nervous systems
  • State the workings of the male and female reproductive systems
  • Identify the development of offspring during the intrauterine process
  • Explain the mechanics and nervous control of skeletal muscles
  • Describe the anatomy and physiology of the human skeletal system
  • Identify the purpose of the human nervous system
  • Describe the organization of the human nervous system
  • Find a comprehensive overview of human psychology and anatomy
  • Learn about the body systems and their functions
  • Enrich your knowledge of the major level of organisations in the body
  • Understand the chemical level of organisation
  • Know the anatomy of the nervous system
  • Determine the functions of the skeletal system
  • Know the types of body movements
  • Broaden your understanding of the cranial nerves
  • Understand the anatomy of the heart

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