Autodesk AutoCAD – Beginner to Advanced level

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About Course

Includes quizzes, practical’s, practice exercises, solutions, CAD main project, final exam. All years of AutoCAD covered.

Whether you are self-taught and want to fill in the gaps to become more efficient and productive, or you have never used the software before, this Autodesk AutoCAD course will give you a solid foundation to become a confident AutoCAD user and develop advanced skills.

This comprehensive course is the perfect start to your career in CAD design. This course will give you a competitive edge in your career, making you stand out from all other applicants and employees.

As one of the leading course providers and most renowned e-learning specialists, I am committed to providing you with the best educational experience possible. This course is designed by an industry expert to help you learn quickly and efficiently, at your own pace and convenience.

Here are five professional outcomes or skills that you can expect to gain from this course:

1. Proficiency in AutoCAD: You will develop a strong foundation in AutoCAD, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the software’s interface, tools, and functionalities. You will learn how to efficiently create, edit, and manipulate 2D drawings, ensuring accuracy and precision in your designs.

2. Technical Drawing Skills: This course will focus on teaching you the principles of technical drawing and drafting. You will learn industry-standard practices for creating and managing different types of drawings, including architectural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering drawings.

3. Industry Standards and Best Practices: This course will familiarize you with industry standards and best practices for using AutoCAD. You will learn about common drawing conventions, layer management, annotation styles, dimensioning standards, and plotting/printing guidelines. This knowledge will enable you to create drawings that meet professional standards and can be easily understood and shared with others in their field.

4. Design Documentation and Annotation: The course will cover essential skills for producing accurate and comprehensive design documentation. You will learn how to create and manage layouts, insert and annotate dimensions, add text and labels, and generate professional-quality plot-ready drawings, ensuring effective communication of design intent.

5. Collaboration and File Management: AutoCAD is widely used in collaborative design environments, and this course will teach you how to effectively collaborate with other professionals on projects. You will learn how to share and reference drawings, manage external references (Xrefs), and implement efficient file management strategies to ensure smooth collaboration and version control.

By acquiring these outcomes and skills, you will be well-equipped to work with AutoCAD across a range of industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing. You will have the confidence and expertise to handle complex design projects and contribute effectively to the design and documentation process.

Course Aspects

I have been teaching this course in person and online since 2017 and have perfected the course material, teaching method, and explanations to ensure all the bases are covered and the student has a full understanding of the software.

Your level of experience will develop as we progress through the course, rather than overloading you from the start with unnecessary information that you will not use.

We start with the basic features of each tool and then move on to the more advanced features as the course progresses, continually putting these newly acquired skills to practice with multiple exercises.

Course Topics

  1. Interface: Start Tab, Templates, Application Menu, Quick Access Toolbar, InfoCentre, Layout Tabs, Status Bar, Options, Mouse controls, Navigation, Object Selection,
  2. Drawing Tools: Line, Polyline, Circle, Rectangle, Polygon, Ellipse, Hatch, Gradient, Spline, Object Snap
  3. Drawing Methods: Absolute & Relative Coordinates, Orthomode, Grid & Snap, Polar Tracking
  4. Modification Tools: Move, Copy, Stretch, Rotate, Mirror, Scale, Trim, Extend, Fillet, Chamfer, Array, Erase, Explode, Offset, Align, Join,
  5. Annotation: Text, Dimension, Leader, create own styles
  6. Layers: Colour Manager, Linetype Manager, Lineweight Manager, Creation, properties, application, functions
  7. Blocks: Create, Edit, Insert, Design Centre
  8. Palettes: Properties, Blocks, Layers, Command-Line, Design Centre
  9. Layout: Viewports, Page Setups, Printing

I continually update this course to keep it up to date with the new releases as well as the addition of new videos and practice exercises.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Who this course is for:

  • Architects, Engineers, Designers and Contractors
  • This course has been designed for beginners to an advanced level
  • Existing users looking for a refresher course
  • Want to improve your drawing skills, find out tips & tricks from an industry professional
  • AutoCAD is not only used by Architects & Engineers, it suits all types of drafting
  • Great preparation for the Autodesk Certified User exam (ACU).
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What Will You Learn?

  • On completion, you will have gained the skills and knowledge to take a project from start to finish, utilizing all tools and drawing methods.
  • You will be taught how to create your own types of text, dimensions, layers, and blocks to use in your own working environment.
  • All tools will be explained in detail by their true definitions, illustrated with easy-to-follow images, and put into practice with guided exercises.
  • Setting you up to work on your own as well as understand typical office standards.
  • At the end of the course is an extra section where you can request a video explainer on any issues you are having.
  • Includes 10 quizzes, 13 practical's with solutions, 7 practice exercises with solutions, 1 main project, 2 practice exam and 1 final ACU exam!
  • Available for download to view offline.
  • This course is based on the Windows version of AutoCAD, not Apple MAC compliant.
  • Expert level now included!

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