Adobe InDesign CC Master Class course, Beginner to Advance

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About Course

In this course, you will learn how to use Adobe InDesign to create books, magazines, newspapers, animations, Newspaper Books, Calendar, Certificate, Brochure, Flyers, Posters, Logo, Animation, Data merging and also sell your templates.

We will start from scratch from how to install the InDesign software, set up the design workspace, and then move on to using a variety of available tools on Adobe InDesign. Work with text, and colors and then further concentrate on designing things, then move on to creating advanced designs.

My aim is for you to finish this course with all the necessary skills to start making beautiful documents using Adobe InDesign. If you’re looking for one that can do almost anything from designing to animation, then Adobe InDesign is your answer.

Here is a list of topics we cover in this class:

· The InDesign Workspace including understanding Panels and customizing

· Working with the Pages panel

· Keyboard shortcuts

· Packaging and Preflight options

· Master/Parent Pages

· Understanding Margins, Bleeds, Slugs and Page settings

· Saving Presets

· Overview of InDesign Templates

· Drawing basic shapes

· Understanding Fill and Stroke

· Stroke color, width and style settings

· Color overview (CMYK, RGB, HSB, Hexadecimal)

· Creating Swatches

· Corner options

· Resizing, rotating and moving shapes

· Using the Properties Panel for Shapes

· Placing images

· Image placement options

· Image Frames

· Fitting options for images

· Using the Properties Panel for Images

· Autofit options for image resizing

· Stroke color, width and style settings

· Text wrapping

· Cloning images

· Cropping

· Creating Table of Contents

· Data Merge

· Buttons and Hyperlinks

· Creating Buttons

· Creating interactive Forms

· Object Effects including Drop Shadow, Glow, Feathering

· Object Transparency

· Intro to Object Styles

· Overview of Object Styles panel

· Overview of object settings

· Drop Shadow, Corner Options, Stroke, Columns, Text Wrapping

· Creating an Object Style

· Applying an Object Style

· Overriding and updating Object Styles

· Using the Control Panel

· Using the Properties Panel

· Basic Formatting

· Overview of basic typographic settings (Kerning, Tracking, Leading)

· Paragraph properties settings

· Placing text from Word Document

· Bullets and Numbering

· Paragraph Margins

· Paragraph Rules

· Paragraph and Cell Style introduction

· Why do we use Paragraph Styles?

· Examples of Paragraph Styles

· Intro to Paragraph Style Panel

· Creating a Paragraph Style

· Applying a Paragraph Style

· Nesting a Paragraph Style inside an Text Object Style

· Managing Links

· Preflighting Documents for Printing

· Creating a Custom Preflight Profile

· Previewing Transparency

· Exporting PDF Files for Printing & Proofs

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand how to create posters, brochures, books and more in InDesign
  • Master layout principles and processing including text boxes, columns, inset padding, text threading
  • Learn how to place images, work with frames, add strokes, corner radius options, and text wrapping
  • Create and modify Master/Parent pages, pagination, placeholders
  • Understanding typography principles including leading, tracking, kerning and more.
  • Learn how to draw and edit shapes, and use color including color theory, strokes, fill and gradients, pen tool, direct selection tool
  • Exporting, packaging, PDF creation, zip files, ready for print
  • Working with layers, layer management, visibility, locking, color coding
  • Working with Styles: Paragraph styles, Character styles, Object styles, Nested styles
  • Creating a Table of Contents, creating Bookmarks, Cross-referencing
  • Working with hyperlinks and buttons and other interactive tools
  • Creating interactive Forms
  • Creating, editing and formatting Tables
  • Working with the Data Merge tools And so much more!

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